This is Will and he is an absolute diamond. Will is a Beauceron X and is 3 years old. This handsome boy has been with us two years. Why ? He is fabulous on the lead, castrated, sits for a treat, a really good boy. No cats but who are we to seek perfection ðŸ™‚ Will is not a large dog, sort of standard medium doggie size but a fine muscled, stocky lad. He is fine with children and shares happily with the girls …. sadly he sees his kennel mates come and go so often. Will is joyful and playful, loves his ball and loves his human.

Please contact Saintes SPA Dept 17 or me, Kate Potter on katepotter47@hotmail.com.  Thank you.   Please show Will to your friends he deserves all the opportunities we can give him xx


Meg is 10 years old, but you’d never know. She’s fit and healthy and there’s plenty of life in this lovely x Beauceron.

She enjoys the company of people of all ages and is gentle enough for young children to walk her. She has lived with cats in the past and lives in harmony with a male dog. Meg can be unpredictable around other female dogs, which is why she’s being rehomed, but unless you have one, please don’t let that put you off her. She’s a dreamy companion who will reward you with love and loyalty as only a dog can.

If you just want a dog to slip in to your life without having to worry about training, Meg could be exactly who you need.

Please contact Association En Route at Henri@assoenroute.com for more information.


Naïko is a gorgeous little 2 year old brindle-coloured male French bulldog.

He is a friendly and loyal little chap who adores cuddles and loves to play. Naïko is very good with children. He needs to be in a house where there are no other dogs.

Naïko is fully up to date with all of his vaccinations and has been treated for a skin allergy brought on by stress due to being in an unsuitable environment.

If you can give Naïko a home please contact Eve on 06 78 87 41 14 (French speaking only). If you want to communicate in English please leave a message on the ‘Adoption and Fostering’ drop down option on the ‘Contact Form’ page.



Handsome Marley has been waiting soooo long for someone to fall in love with him. Could this cheeky chappie be your new best friend? He is loyal, intelligent, trainable, funny & affectionate.

Marley needs an understanding home where he will be reassured, guided and, above all, loved. A well fenced garden for plenty of play and a canine friend would be an added bonus.

He is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated for rabies, wormed etc.

Marley is currently with Julie Standsbridge in Dept 24 and is waiting for his special family. If you would like more information on him please ring 09 77 48 71 43 or email: asso.orfee@laposte.net



Border Collie x Labrador born September 2016, 25 kilos.

Layna needs re-homing as she is a very active young dog who needs to be with someone who can give her time and attention and allow her to use her energy – her current owners both work full-time, have a young baby and only have a small garden next to a busy road. She is becoming very stressed and saddened by this situation and is beginning to stop eating. She was also treated badly by her previous owners.

She adores running, jumping and playing but as she’s not being given the attention she deserves she is deteriorating. She is fine with cats. Please can you give beautiful Layna a home where she can thrive and reach her full potential? She is fully vaccinated.

Please email  Annelise at: annelise.epinoux@gmail.com


Allow me to introduce you to Theo.

Theo is a heart on four paws and has been with us a long time, too long and it is just not on. He does not get seen as much as he could because he is down with the big lads and not everyone wanders down there. He deserves a break, more than that he deserves a Ma and Pa and to be off concrete and on a cushion somewhere.

Theo is a labrador/doberman cross they say but as you can see, 99% lab. He is 9 years old, castrated and fine with the girls, just not that familiar with the boys after so long behind bars and sharing with the ladies. He LOVES water and playing ball, he sparkles with joy if you play with him, he might be 9 but in his head he is only pushing 4. Look at that face ….. he deserves one of you to love him.

Please contact Saintes SPA, Dept 17, or me on katepotter47@hotmail.com  Thank you from Theo xxx


MONZON is a stunning 5 year old mix of Retriever/Dalmatian/Dogue who was abandoned following a family breakup. He has been with us for a while in kennels and is a firm favourite with our volunteer walkers as he’s so easy to walk and is a big softie and he’s well up for kissy face.

Monzon spent a short period of time with a foster family, during which time he behaved impeccably. He was fantastic with the children, obedient, affectionate, calm, good in the house and in the car. His one fault seems to be that he’s over excitable around other animals. His ideal home will be with owners used to big dogs, a large garden with high, secure fencing away from the temptation of other animals. He is OK when he meets other dogs on walks, but needs to be an only pet for the reasons mentioned above.

Monzon has been neutered, micro-chipped, fully vaccinated including rabies so he has a full passport, and has been treated for worms, fleas and ticks. An adoption fee of 150€ will be asked for to help towards his medical costs. 

If you would like to adopt Monzon please telephone: 09 77 48 71 43 or contact: asso.orfee@laposte.net