Marlo, male, Bretagne spaniel, 3 years old – a beautiful boy

Marlo is 3 years old and a seriously high energy bouncy and going crazy with boredom boy. He is a nightmare to get a harness on due to his excitement but once out he could not possibly be easier to walk and is not even interested in other dogs whether they lunge all teeth or not .. he is sniffing and snorting .. he is out and isn’t about to waste time with anyone looking for stress.

He is BEAUTIFUL. He is well behaved and biddable but he does need a little more work. His small problem is that he becomes deeply attached to his Ma and then too protective, this needs to be worked with and sorted, but a dog this intelligent with this much love in him can learn and would. Time time time and patience, we all have some of that. He is going to be castrated soon which should mellow his soul and of course being caged up at the SPA is not helping, he needs out, he needs a Ma and Pa that know and love him. He needs us to try … and it starts right here. Please talk to me in the first instance and please share him and talk about him … you may not be the one but your best pal might be, or the guy fixing your wall … you just never know.

If you’re interested in adopting Marlo or require more information contact Kate Potter at Saintes SPA or email

Denver, male Beauceron, 6 years old – handsome chap!

Chipped, vaccinated and castrated. Not good with cats. An absolute favourite at the refuge because he is such a love.

He will need company because he has not lived alone for a very long time, he would learn but you could not just take him home and go to work the next day and leave him. He is a people dog. Educated and obedient.

Interested? Contact Saintes SPA or talk to Kate Potter on Facebook or email

Monzon, male, 5 yr old, Retriever/Dalmatian/dogue – it started with a kiss

MONZON is a stunning 5yr old mix of Retriever/Dalmatian/Dogue who was abandoned following a family breakup. He has been with us for a while in kennels and is a firm favourite with our volunteer walkers as he’s so easy to walk and is a big softie and he’s well up for kissy face.

MONZON spent a short period of time with a foster family, during which time he behaved impeccably. He was fantastic with the children, obedient, affectionate, calm, good in the house and in the car. His one fault seems to be that he’s over excitable around other animals. His ideal home will be with owners used to big dogs, a large garden with high, secure fencing away from the temptation of other animals. He is OK when he meets other dogs on walks, but needs to be an only pet for the reasons mentioned above.

MONZON has been neutered, micro-chipped, fully vaccinated including rabies so he has a full passport, and has been treated for worms, fleas and ticks. An adoption fee of €150 will be asked for to help towards his medical costs. If you would like more information on MONZON, then please contact us on 09 77 48 71 43 or at

Dogs and Pups needing urgent foster/adoption at Galia Association – can you help?

Urgent need for foster care or adoption!
Currently, several dogs are in the Pound with who we have conventions and risk euthanasia if we cannot release kennels at the refuge or find foster families for them (or better, adopters).
It is not possible to know their agreements, all the information we have will be put here and is as current as possible
There are:
A female x black griffon
A Female Puppy Black Labrador about 5 months, nice, close to human , OK females.
An elderly female spaniel, nice, close to man and OK females.
A female x Labrador? Brown and white
A male x GSD
A little black dog with half-long hair
Forms to be completed:
To be a foster home:
To Adopt:

Voyou, male, 5 year old, Poodle X – cuteness on legs

My name is Voyou. I am a 5 year old and very handsome poodle cross, about the size of a spaniel really, maybe slightly longer legs.

I have had a hair cut and I feel pretty cool but here is a photo of me with my curls in case you prefer the look. I’m a nice boy, gentle, friendly with the other dogs and like a cuddle and a play. Not sure how I ended up here but I’m doing my best to keep my chin up until my new family come and get me.

Voyou is currently residing at Saintes SPA Dept 17, for further information please email Kate Potter on

Pirate, male, 4 years old, German Shorthaired Pointer

Pirate : German Shorthaired Pointer
Born : 01/01/2012
Arrived at the refuge 01/07/2015

Pirate was saved from the pound where his euthanasia was scheduled. Pirate is very friendly dog that loves people, you can be sure that he will form a bond with his new owners.

He is friendly, always happy and loves life! He is not comfortable in the car, he will need a dog bar or to be cage trained.

He is OK with female dogs and males, he is submissive. He has had a couple of male (entire) kennel mates and we are working with lead training he is OK with a harness. He shows an aversion to cats, despite this he just wants love, he comes to the front of his kennel box and presses against the gate so he can get as close as possible for a cuddle.

The general conception is that German pointers are bred for hunting, Pirate just wants to run and play.

Pirate is currently with Galia Association at Fontenay le Comte, Southern Vendee, dept. 85.

Pirate is not yet sterilised but will be before adoption, microchipped and all vaccinations are up to date. He has been treated for worms, tics and fleas and a donation of 190€ is requested.

If you’re interested in adopting Pirate or would like some more information please contact Sue Hetherington on 0251 876 899 (English speaking) or email:

For French speakers email or

Miel, male, 3 years old, Shepherd X – just wants to be happy with you

Miel : Shepherd cross
Born : 10/10/2013
Arrived from the Hell Hole of Romania May 2016

A very gentle fellow, kennel mate to Clare, he is just adorable, easy to walk, excellent recall and usually clean in his kennel, no problem with other dogs, no mischief with food. We really do not know why he is still with us.

Miel says “I think about the life that I can have one day, I can imagine what it feels like to be happy, some of my peers are talking about this feeling so I’m thinking, I guess in my 3 years on this earth I have not yet had a moment where I could say I’m happy, the people of the refuge love and cuddle me but I can only imagine what it would be like to have my own family.”

Miel is currently with Galia Association at Fontenay le Comte, Southern Vendee, dept. 85.

Miel is sterilised, microchipped and all vaccinations are up to date. He has been treated for worms, tics and fleas and a donation of 190€ is requested.

If you’re interested in adopting Miel or would like some more information please contact Sue Hetherington on 0251 876 899 (English speaking) or email:

For French speakers email or

Lilas, female, Anglo Hound, 3 years old – loves a snuggle on the sofa

Lilas : Anglo Hound
Born : 21/08/2013
Arrived at the refuge December 2015

Lilas is a lovely dog, very cuddly and pot of glue that deserves to find a home full of love.

She is a gentle dog, gets along with other dogs and does not mind goats and is OK with children but like many hounds they have a tendency to chase cats and shows too much interest in chickens.

She will need daily walks and an enclosed garden. Hounds make great family dogs and once they find the sofa they are truly happy.

Lilas spent a small time in foster and was found to be clean and calm in the house, she was happy to snuggle up with the other dogs and OK during the night.

She does not pull on her lead and loves walks.

Lilas needs a family that are with her constantly, she can be destructive if left on her own.

Lilas is currently with Galia Association at Fontenay le Comte, Southern Vendee, dept. 85.

Lilas is sterilised, microchipped and all vaccinations are up to date. She has been treated for worms, tics and fleas and a donation of 240€ is requested.

If you’re interested in adopting Lilas or would like some more information please contact Sue Hetherington on 0251 876 899 (English speaking) or email:

For French speakers email or

Hagrid – 6 year old Malinois/GSD x in Mornac SPA

DOB: 01/10/10
Arrival: 09/04/15

Hagrid is a six-year-old smarty-pants GSD x Malinois and boy does he have brains. He is ready to work and keen to build up a relationship with his owners. Hagrid absolutely must go to owners who have experience of shepherds and know that they need clear boundaries and good leadership as Hagrid finds it child’s play to get one up if he’s not given guidelines. When he has them, he is a dreamboat. A calm, non-punitive home is essential: Hagrid responds to anger and roughness with delight, feeding off all that energy. What helps him most manage his exuberance is having plenty to occupy that smart, smart brain. He loves chews, is happy to pass the afternoon with a bone, adores obedience training, excels at tracking and scent work and enjoys the odd game of Spinkles. He has no objection to spending a lot of the day outside and I have rarely heard him bark. A secure garden that he can make the most of would be perfect. If he has a warm place to sleep, even better. 

He also has plenty of energy as well as being really intelligent. He is confident and playful, would appreciate one-to-one training and is quick to tell you that you aren’t going quickly enough for him in training sessions. He would direct you if he could! Like many shepherds, he is a great guard dog where other dogs are concerned. He is loyal and takes his time to reward you with his attention. He would be absolutely wasted on a home that just wants a pet. Hagrid needs a job to do and he is keen to do it. His natural intelligence is an absolute gift for anyone who wants a superstar at the end of a training session, but if you do not have the time to dedicate to Hagrid, he is going to be a handful.

As a cross-breed, he is in good health – other than an infection that he has been struggling to shift. Hagrid has had giardia, an infection which can be very hard to shift in a refuge but is quick to clear up under treatment in a home. Hagrid is okay with female dogs on a case by case basis and would need to be tested with them before you commit. He is hands down my favourite dog at the shelter, but he has a hard mouth, so a family with young children is not recommended.

Hagrid finds the refuge very over-stimulating and would appreciate a home with owners who understand the calm energy he needs.

If you are interested in adopting Hagrid, please contact:

Refuge de l’Angoumois
Les Mesniers
16600 Mornac

05 45 65 76 99

The refuge is open from 1.30-5.30 Monday-Saturday during the winter and 1.30-6pm during the summer.

Alternatively, you can also contact Emma at

Gilda – five year old shepherd cross in Mornac SPA



DOB: 01/05/11

Arrival: 14/03/16

Gilda was returned after a brief trial adoption. It is imperative that she go to a home where there are other dogs or where an owner is able to spend plenty of time with her. It is not acceptable to Gilda for her to find herself in a home where she is left to her own devices for 8 – 10 hours a day. She is a smart girl who will happily find her own fun if unoccupied.


Here’s a stately lady for you… I’d even go as far as saying she’s a handsome girl.

Gilda is a five-year-old German Shepherd x Beauceron. She’s not got much by way of finesse but she’s smart and confident. She is a very typical shepherd: suspicious of strangers, loyal to a fault, ready for work and in need of a role in your family. If you have experience of shepherds, you’ll be familiar with Gilda’s personality.

She’s intelligent and not prepared to sit and wait around for your next instruction if you’re a slow poke. And why should she? She deserves an owner as sharp as she is who can polish her manners in a positive and systematic way to bring out the best in her. She will need a garden, and a secure one at that. Don’t be surprised to find her patrolling the property lines: she is a double shepherd watching out for her flock. Gilda needs a home with males, but no cats, poultry or sheep.

gilda4Gilda is available from the Refuge de l’Angoumois, Les Mesniers, 16600 MORNAC.

05 45 65 76 99

The refuge is open from 1.30 – 5.30 Mon-Sat in winter, and 1.30 – 6pm in summer.

Alternatively, you can also contact Emma at