Oural is a very handsome 2½ year old labrador/collie. He is a very friendly, affectionate and playful boy, but sadly has recently lost his master and home and the family have put him in the SPA.

Can you make Oural happy again? He gets on well with other dogs and cats, a real team player.

If you would like to meet him he’s currently near Carquefou (44). Oural weighs 33 kilos, is vaccinated, castrated and comes with his own passport. He has an adoption fee of 160€.

For more information on Oural please contact us on 09 77 48 71 43 or email asso.orfee@laposte.net


Meet ‘Marcel’ our portly 2½ year old Corgi Cross who’s looking for a super new family to take him on some lovely walks to help him shed a few pounds! ‘Marcel’ is a clever boy who can find a gap so a well secured garden is a must for this Corgi. If you’d like to meet ‘Marcel’ he’s currently in  37 near Montbazon.

He’s good with other dogs and doesn’t bother much with cats. He’s microchipped , vaccinated for rabies , neutered, wormed etc and he’s been groomed recently.

If you would like to adopt Marcel please telephone 09 77 48 71 43 or contact: asso.orfee@laposte.net. Adoption fee 200 €.


I am friendly, I am loving, I am ‘Astra’ a 3½ year old, 18 kilos, Cross Border.

Seriously, who can resist – just look at her smiling face and tell us no, you don’t want her. ‘Astra’ would love a canine friend and a safe and secure garden for them both to play. She will need to continue her training but she is a real treasure and willing to please

‘Astra’ is microchipped , vaccinated with a passport, dewormed, treated for ticks & fleas and she has just been groomed. Currently in Cholet (49).

If you would like to adopt Astra please telephone 09 77 48 71 43 or contact: asso.orfee@laposte.net. Adoption fee 200 €.

Frank & Dora

Due to a bereavement these 2 lovely oldies are looking for a new home.

Frank, male Epagneul Breton, white & brown, born 17/06/2007.

Dora, female Epagneul Breton, black & grey, born 27/07/2008.

They are both sterilized & vaccinated. Frank does have a fatty lump on his chest but the vet said leave it alone as it hasn’t grown in the past few years and is not causing any problems. They are both good with other dogs/cats, other livestock, good with children and adults and they are both good on and off the lead. They are good in the house: not chewers. Thank you so much if you can help. I would prefer if at all possible for them to be homed together as they have always been together.

Please email Julie Mountford: julie.mountford@orange.fr


If I give you my best smile will you adopt me asks Chipie.

Our little Chipie weighs 6 kilos and is 4 years old. She is cat friendly but as she is not very keen on other dogs she will be best placed as an only dog. She is house-trained and loves people including children and above all adores cuddles. Chipie is an all round fantastic girl whose smile will warm your heart! Currently in department 86.

If you would like to adopt Chipie please telephone: 09 77 48 71 43 or contact: asso.orfee@laposte.net


MOWGLI is a lovely little spaniel who was born in July 2016. He is in a pound in the north of departement 79. 

Sadly his owner died some weeks ago and the family don’t want to offer Mowgli a warm home. He was living alone with his owner and no other pets so he’s had little interaction with other animals or people. He’s quite shy at the pound and will need patient adoptants to help him discover the world around him and adapt to a new life. He was been well loved by his previous owner and has always had good veterinary care.

If you would like to adopt Mowgli please telephone: 09 77 48 71 43 or contact: asso.orfee@laposte.net


Look at this gorgeous girl now out from the pound – her name is ‘Tasha’, a two year old cross Labrador/Hungarian Hound.

Lively & friendly, playful, super smart and home trained. Ideal for a home where she will get plenty of long walks and an enclosed garden to play in. Tasha is vaccinated, sterilised treated for ticks & fleas– ready to go!

Please share as we know that there’s a space on someone’s sofa for gorgeous Tasha – currently in foster in department 49

If you would like to adopt Tasha please telephone: 09 77 48 71 43 or contact: asso.orfee@laposte.net


Hello there…

Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Idris and I’m a  cross  Berger of  5.5 years

I’m brilliant with other dogs and would love to live with a canine friend as I love to run & play with my ball…a real outsider, but I love my comfy bed as night falls. My foster mum says I’m obedient, calm and that I respond to basic commands – she says I’m like a ‘pot of glue’ as I love humans almost as much as I love my canine friends.

I’m castrated, chipped , vaccinated, wormed and treated for ticks & fleas. I’m ready to meet you – look past that I am black – black is the new colour of love……

If you would like to adopt Idris please telephone: 09 77 48 71 43 or contact: asso.orfee@laposte.net



Elgar, a 6 year old rough collie x is an absolute stunner. Someone in his past has loved this gorgeous boy and trained him well.

He’s friendly, calm and cuddly, walks like a dream on the lead and is polite in the house, fine in the car, playful with other dogs and is used to cats. Elgar also loves playing fetch! As he’s settling in to his foster home, he is becoming livelier and confident which is lovely to see as he’s been through a lot even since he’s been with us, but he’s settling now and ready for a home of his own.

He is identified, vaccinated, neutered and treated for fleas, ticks and worms and in foster in dept 79 with Association En Route.

 www.AssoEnRoute.com  tel: 07 69 18 56 81.  email: henri@assoenroute.com



NOVAK, a male Romanian shepherd  is 8 years old. A big calm teddy bear, he is fine with male and female dogs but not with cats.

Novak has certainly got a story to tell. Firstly, he was stuck in a Romanian hellhole for many years. His “master” thought that he was an unlucky dog to have around his flock so he threatened to hang him!

The Mitzuka association saved him and he was handed over to Galia. Then, a year last September, at 6 years old, he arrived in France. He’d already had such a hard time which could have given him behaviour problems, but no, he’s such a sweet, friendly dog. Unfortunately, having just arrived at Galia, a tumor was discovered. The vet said he must have suffered enormously for a long time. During the very painful auscultation, he didn’t flinch (his eyes rolled upwards with the pain) and the vets could not get over his courage and kindness. What sort of life has this poor little lad had to be so tolerant of suffering?

Now, Novak has been operated on, cared for and is now in great form! He gets along very well with his companions. He is very calm and obedient. He’s also very easy to walk! He now needs and is more than deserving of a house and family full of love for him. He really is a special little dog and will make a wonderful companion. Novak is chipped, vaccinated and castrated.


Should you wish to make further enquiries or ask about adoption, please click on the link below. The form can be completed in French or English. For the English version, please click on the English flag within this link

Demande d’adoption

or contact Sue Hetherington on Facebook through Galia Association.