Gordon is young, black and uniquely stunning.
We know he had a tough start in life as he was scared of everything when he first arrived.
It’s difficult building their confidence in the Pound environment, especially when they’re already nervous, but Gordon is a different dog now. His face has relaxed, he looks to people for affection and he has been out on a couple of dates with a beautiful calm blonde (dog) who is teaching him that dogs are good too.
Gordon can now ‘assied’ and ‘ici’. He loves his regular walker, paddling and rolling in puddles, a chest rub and freely gives kisses.
Gordon still needs more time, but what he really needs is a home and a person of his own who he can bond with and who will invest time in him. That’s when we’ll see the real change in this gorgeous boy.
Please get in touch through the website www.Assoenroute.com or email henri@assoenroute.com if you’re interested in fostering or adopting Gordon.



Ollie is an adorable, super friendly and affectionate one year old 15kg Spaniel x who loves people and other dogs.

He’s learning well in his foster home, knows how to ‘Sit’ and ‘Come out of the kitchen’; he doesn’t beg and will wait 6 seconds for his dinner. He’s calm and well behaved in the house, travels well in the car and now needs an active family who will continue his education and do some work around his excitement, especially when he sees a dog or a cat over the garden fence.

Ollie is in foster in Dept 16. Please contact us through the En Route website www.assoenroute.com or email henri@assoenroute.com for further info. 



Meet Naomie – a beautiful girl with a fabulous coat, lovely long legs and soft velvety ears. She’s quite shy, but very eager to please. She’s been through the wars and is now asking if you please have room for her in your home.

The pound is no place for such a fine young girl where the cold and damp will get into her bones. She’s waiting to meet you so let’s not make her wait too long.

She is currently in pound in the north of Dept 79.  She will be micro-chipped, neutered and will have all her injections and a passport. 

If you would like more information on Naomie please contact us on 09 77 48 71 43 or email asso.orfee@laposte.net

Scooby & Tinker


Scooby (multi-coloured, 13 yrs) and Tinker (black, 15 yrs) have lost everything and everyone they love following the death of their dad, and are currently being cared for near Sainte-Soline in dept 79. They are old and creaky but they have been given a clean bill of health by our vet and still enjoy their food and snoozing by the fire or in the sun, so we would love to find a calm relaxed home for them to live out their days together.

What we need is a forever foster home within an hour of where they are now who we can offer full support to, so please get in touch if you’re interested.
They will happily share their home with another dog or cat as long as they’re not too boisterous.

Please contact us through the En Route website www.assoenroute.com or via email at henri@assoenroute.com in the first instance.


This is Will, a 3 year old Beauceron x and an absolute diamond. This handsome boy has been with us 2 years. Why ? He is fabulous on the lead, castrated, sits for a treat and a really good boy. No cats, but who are we to seek perfection 🙂 Will is not a large dog, sort of standard, medium doggie size but a fine muscled, stocky lad. He’s fine with children and shares happily with the girls …. sadly he sees his kennel mates come and go so often. Will is joyful and playful, loves his ball and loves people.

Please contact Saintes SPA Dept 17 or me, Kate Potter on katepotter47@hotmail.com.  Thank you.   Please show Will to your friends he deserves all the opportunities we can give him xx


Meg is 10 years old, but you’d never know. She’s fit and healthy and there’s plenty of life in this lovely x Beauceron.

She enjoys being with people of all ages and gentle enough for young children to walk her. She has lived with cats and lives in harmony with a male dog. Meg is unpredictable around other female dogs, which is why she’s being rehomed, but please don’t let that put you off her unless you have one . She’s a dreamy soul who will reward you with love and loyalty.

If you just want a dog to slip in to your life without having to worry about training, Meg could be exactly who you need.

Please contact Association En Route at Henri@assoenroute.com for more information.


Handsome Marley has been waiting soooo long for someone to fall in love with him. Could this cheeky chappie be your new best friend? He’s loyal, intelligent, trainable, funny & affectionate.

Marley needs an understanding home where he will be reassured, guided and, above all, loved. A well fenced garden for plenty of play and a canine friend would be an added bonus.

He is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated for rabies, wormed etc.

Marley is with Julie Standsbridge in Dept 24. If you would like more information please ring 09 77 48 71 43 or email: asso.orfee@laposte.net


Layna, a Border Collie x Labrador, born September 2016, 25 kilos.

Layna is looking for a new home. She’s a very active young dog who needs someone who can give her time and attention to allow her to use her energy. She has been treated badly by her original owners.

She adores running, jumping and playing, OK with other dogs, but is not good with cats.

Please can you give beautiful Layna a home where she can thrive and reach her full potential? She is fully vaccinated, sterilised and identified Chip No. 250269811358051. This is a PRIVATE re-homing. Please email: hilaryking49@yahoo.com Tel: