Our Fox Terrier, Lilli, was born in June 2015 and has been with us since August 2015. She is very affectionate and intelligent, loves a cuddle and grooming is heaven for her. She loves the outdoors and long walks. Reluctantly, due to personal circumstances, I’ve decided to put her up for adoption. She is chipped, up-to-date with vaccines and spayed. She has no health issues, no allergies and has always been given a good bill of health from our vets. I use Bravecto for flea and tic treatment and she has had no reaction.

She is excellent in the car, keen to see where the driver is taking her. She loves family life, and will appreciate a younger family with time for regular daily walks, which I’m now unable to give her. She is always alert to a noise or movement – an excellent guard dog. She would benefit from some canine education as I haven’t been able to reinforce what she’s learned. Lilli is amazing with people of all ages; never a problem with visiting younger members of my family or friends. She’s happy with a cuddle, but sometimes she can be overexcited, like many dogs. She’s been brought up with an older dog and a cat which has since passed. She will chase cats though so needs a cat free household, but she may be OK if a kitten is introduced to her. Lilli would be good for someone who is conversant with Fox Terriers and their little foibles.
Chip number: 250269811212842.

She is in 79320 Moutiers-sous-Chantemerle.
My contact details: Tel: 06 30 63 81 03

Tony & Thor

Tony & Thor

Race: mother: Bruno du Jura, father unknown. Castrated & fully vaccinated.

These two brothers are absolutely full of character, and having just recently turned one year old, are still full of curiosity, fun and are incredibly loving towards us. Their big, brown eyes gaze at you with total adoration.

However, being brothers, sibling rivalry between them is getting worse, and they need to be rehomed separately. They both need to be in a family where they can be rigorously trained, have lots of stimulation and plenty of exercise. Unfortunately, due to a marriage breakdown, work commitments and the aggression between them, we have reluctantly reached the decision to rehome them. Their new homes will need to be securely fenced/walled, as whenever they smell or hear another animal, they try to find it. They also seem to think they are kangaroos, as they can, and like to, jump over walls easily.

Tony (the white one) despite being the older of the two brothers, is the baby, and loves a tummy tickle and to be with us constantly. He walks well on the lead, but gets very nervous/excited at feeding times, so spins in circles and piddles at the same time.

Thor loves to give kisses, but he is wary of strangers and other dogs. Once the stranger enters your home and sits down, he is absolutely fine, but initially he barks and cries. He is definitely the more vocal of the 2. He needs further training on how to walk on a lead, as currently pulls and is very strong. He has started to become very possessive over his food, but only towards his brother.

They both travel well in the car, enjoy lying in the sun, and sleep well during the night, although do like to wake early. They do not like cats, and may be too boisterous for families with young children.

Currently living in 17700 St Georges Du Bois, near Surgères. If you would like to adopt either Tony or Thor, please contact Melanie on



Newton. Just look at that face. Hound lovers, I know you are melting already.

Newton is young, smaller than he looks in the photo, and when he first arrived you couldn’t get near to him, he was afraid. He now comes looking to be part of the cuddle fest, and when he gets to know you he blossoms and gets giddy and joyful. He is pure delight, calm, loving; a lad who has known nothing and enjoying finding that life can include cuddles, quiet nights, sausage and good friends.

There are so many hound lovers out there and this young man is absolute treasure.

If you would like more information please contact SPA Saintes, Dept 17, or email me on



This is handsome Kratos.

Porcelain, mature and super relaxed, Kratos has known times out in the field and is carrying battle scars to prove it.

We now hope that he can find his time in the sun, his world of peace, his own personal retirement pad that he fully deserves. He is a reserved and self contained boy, but not afraid.

If you would like more details about Kratos, please contact Saintes SPA, Dept 17 or email me on



Allow me to introduce the very handsome Rusty.

Rusty came to us just before Christmas and, as was expected, was adopted within a few weeks. That is how we know he needs a home without cats and chickens, always good information to have and none of us are perfect.

This handsome dog is 7 years old and his Pa died which is why he ended up spending some time with us, but he would really prefer to have his own somebody special to spend his days with. Rusty is easy on the lead, calm, well behaved and confident. The confines of a refuge are stressful for all the dogs, it causes frustration and anxiety when they are used to a home.

If you would like more information please contact Saintes SPA, Dept 17 or email me on



This is Lego; a young Levrier. He is not a big dog, medium height at most, and he’s very fine boned.

He is beautiful, and he is as he looks, tender to the core, gentle, happy, easy going, delicate of form with an air of serenity.

Lego has only recently arrived and is only about 18 months old, so we look forward to seeing him running with some wild abandon and a joyful heart very soon.

If you would like more information regarding Lego, please contact Saintes SPA, Dept 17, or email me on



Oski is a bundle of happiness who was found and estimated to about 2 – 3 years old. He is the epitome of joy and enthusiasm; playful, bouncy, friendly and absolutely full of it. He is just a big, leggy, scatty, loving Setter. He was adopted but chased the cat. We don’t think he would actually hurt a cat, as he is such a soft article and one serious whack from indignant cat’s paw would sort it, so please dont disregard him if you have a cat with attitude who takes no nonsense.

In the home Oski is a loving, gentle and super affectionate boy. He just loves you and that means he is quite often too close to get a good photo of him on his own.

Oski is good on the lead and easy to handle; a very amenable boy. Someone is soon going to have the best pal possible and one who is going to improve your health and stamina at the speed of light. For more information please contact Saintes SPA, Dept 17, or email me on



Alix is a beautiful Breton Spaniel who is estimated to be about 8 years old. That’s got to be an ‘ish’ because he is full of beans and happy bones.

He was just found and not has not been identified.  Alix is a lovely boy who is great with other dogs, not scared of people and a general all round ‘come here scrumptious’ kind of guy.

If you are interested in Alix please contact Saintes SPA, Department 17, or please email me on



Handsome Fred is 14 months young and small light build, 22kg.

He’s chipped, vaccinated, and castrated. Fred is a sweet boy who gets on with everyone and neither over the top nor overly afraid. He is stand-offish at first, before he gets to know someone, just needs a bit of time. He’s been clean in the house since early on when I toilet trained him from being a puppy. He gets on fine with other dogs he meets; he’s happy to follow rather than lead and quite submissive. He loves playing games of fetch. He is a people pleaser and happy to snuggle with other people or dogs he knows. We have different people coming round and he is standoffish at first but after 5-10 mins he is delighted to have a fuss from everyone on his terms. He’s very food motivated.

Vets best guess is a lab cross malinois. He’s pretty chilled out. He does like to chew his buffalo horns, pigs ears, kongs, olive wood chews, etc. The only time he goes on a mad run is out in the garden; in the home he’s usually sleeping. Only rehoming due to personal circumstances.

If you would like to give Fred a home please contact Matt Tricot:
tel: 06 58 60 66 34 email: (He is in 16460 Chenommet)



Hairy is a male Miniature Poodle x, about 12 years old (actual age unknown).

Despite his diminutive size, Hairy likes to think he’s the boss. He is used to living with a dog and cats, but his relationship with them is not always easy. He is fine with female dogs but not at all good with male dogs. He will tolerate the presence of cats but has a tendency to mark his territory as a consequence. He is used to living inside but dislikes feeling confined, often preferring to be
outside. He loves walks but reacts aggressively to encounters with other dogs, so needs to be walked on a leash. He guards his food and is jealous of the other furry and human members of the household. He has periods of separation anxiety. He does not like being groomed.

Hairy has an old leg injury that sometimes causes him pain and he is on medication for a heart murmur.

Electronic identification 250268743854122 / vaccinations up-to-date / neutered. Reason for adoption : Owner moving back to a rental property in the UK that is unable to accommodate dogs.

Contact Clare: via email or phone 0604015834 / 0553 571774.


Logan is a 10 year old Beagle/Shepherd cross who needs a new home due to the health problems of his owners: his mistress has had to move to an Ehpad.

Logan is a wonderful companion. He is obedient, gentle, well-behaved and very loving – he loves all the world, including other dogs. Probably because he is so unaggressive, he does not bark, though he does whine a few minutes when he is left alone in the car. Logan thoroughly enjoys his daily walks, and he can be left off the lead in an open environment – his recall is very good. He likes a home environment: he would rather be in the house with the rest of the family rather than left on his own in the garden.

He has some arthritis problems but we have been able to keep this under control by feeding him the appropriate dog food, He can run up steps and hilly paths without any problem – and he can also walk for miles. Logan also has an injection about every 5 months – the frequency of the injection is decreasing. Logan is the perfect companion for a retired couple. He is neutered, vaccinated and has a pet passport.

Logan is currently living in 16700 Ruffec. If you can offer Logan a loving home, please contact Colin on 06 18 74 23 85 or



Izzy is a 10/11 year old French Spaniel. She was delighted to get out of the pound, have her haircut and experience the comfort and freedom of home living. She has blossomed in her foster home.

Don’t be deceived by Izzy’s age as she is not ready for retirement yet! She’s an active, strong dog who has a zest for life, loves being with people and gets on with the dogs she has met. Izzy sleeps in her bed all night, is housetrained, plays ball and loves to go out in the car.

She needs a permanent home now where she can have fun, exercise, settle down and grow old.

Please get in touch through the website or email if you’re interested in fostering Izzy.



What is wrong with Moka ? Nothing except he does not look like the big soppy article he actually is. Moka is a Cane Corso cross and very handsome. He looks a bit like ‘bovver boy’ but nothing could be further from the truth and he must not be judged by his muscles. When out on walks he has a big smile, bounces and rolls on the grass and he is a very happy boy. This is his serious face.

Moka is six years old, easy on the lead, gentle and calm. Because he is a big lad you would always introduce him quietly to other dogs but so far he hasn’t put a foot wrong. If you like the strong silent type by your side, here he is.

Please contact Saintes SPA Dept 17 or message me on



Rocky is a lovely eleven year old x Griffon à poil dur Korthals. He is very friendly dog who loves people and children but does not get on with other animals.   He’s good when left in the house on his own and has never been destructive nor left any mess. He has a full French travel passport and is fully up-to-date with his vaccines. He absolutely loves being in the car and is used to travelling around France and to the UK.   

He had an operation a few years ago to have fatty lumps removed but is otherwise in good health. Rocky is looking for a new home because his owner’s husband died recently and she is returning to the UK. At present he has a large fenced-off area to roam in and he enjoys a daily 30 minute walk on the lead.

He is currently in 79150 Ulcot. If you would like to give Rocky a new home please contact Christine Gibson on tel 05 49 66 48 30 or email

Willow & Marlow


WILLOW, Berger X (looks like a whippet), 3 years old, medium build, sterilised, chipped and fully vaccinated against ticks and rabies (up to date). Has a pet passport. FR SN 1 1857810

We adopted Willow when she was three months old from FelisCanis, Murviel-les-Beziers. She and the other puppies in the litter had been left without food, and had been abused. She is a happy dog now, loves everyone and loves other dogs. She is very fast, a bit excitable when she first meets people and jumps up to greet them. She is sweet-tempered and likes to play. Walks well on a long lead, but her joy is to run free and very fast. She has no health problems.


MARLOW, Blue Griffon X, 9 years old, large build, not castrated (told by vet it’s too late). Chipped and fully vaccinated against ticks and rabies (up to date). Has a pet passport. FR SN 1 1857809

We heard about Marlow from a friend who keeps an eye on adoption websites. He had been living half-wild in the Pyrenees, free to roam the village. Then his master died. We were looking for a companion for Willow so took him. They were instant friends. Marlow definitely mourned his master and was sad for a while, but is now very settled. He is a perfect gentleman indoors, quiet, calm, gentle and never demanding in any way. He is a beautiful dog with a thick, soft grey coat and comes for cuddles. He loves water and swimming. Outside he still likes to run away and roam, although he always comes back, so he needs to be in an enclosed garden. He chases cats and can be aggressive towards large male dogs. He needs a firm, loving master or mistress. He has no health problems.

Willow and Marlow are inseparable. It would be wonderful if they could be homed together. They are both high energy dogs and need plenty of exercise.

They are currently in 34800 Cabrières, Hérault. Please contact Lynn Michell on email:


Monty is a very handsome eight year old Tibetan Terrier boy who was born on 29 March 2014.

He is looking for a home as his owner has been taken into care and her elderly husband is not capable of looking after him. As you can see he is a very good looking dog. He is very friendly and good at recall and will make a great companion for someone. Please make Monty a happy boy by offering him a new home.

He has been neutered and his vaccinations are up-to-date. He is currently living in 79110 TILLOU. If you would like further details please contact Jack Eagle, tel 05 49 27 21 06, or email:


I’m Oli and I’ve been at the shelter for over two years waiting for a home. I don’t understand why because I’m a great dog, cheerful and very friendly. I’m three years old and quite big, bigger than I seem in my photos.

I have lots of energy so need regular walks. I’m very good on the lead, although at the start of a walk I’m quite excited through being locked up all day. I’m good at recall; know how to sit and I love canicross. I’m good with other dogs but not with cats. 

A well fenced garden is essential for me to play and run around and to keep me from escaping as I can jump very high!

If you can give me a home please contact   Website:



Shetan is a gorgeous seven year old male cross Belgian Shepherd Tervueren. He is currently at the refuge SPA de la Haute-Vienne, 87270 Couzeix.

He is a friendly, sociable and loving dog who is good on the lead and very bright. He’s energetic and playful so needs regular walks and as he’s a climber he needs a secure, fenced garden and needs lots of attention as he gets lonely if left alone. He’s had the benefit of basic training and will sit, lie down and give his paw. This boy has lots of love to give.

He is fine with female dogs but not with other male dogs or cats.

If you would like to meet Shetan please complete the questionnaire on our website: and email it to:



A breed that so many love and understand and as you can see this one is Fabulous.  Brigand is a GSP born August 2015, so coming up to 6 years old.

He is a lovely dog, castrated, educated, obedient and very, very lively.  He is a big strong lad and will need a secure garden or he will be up and over when he gets bored.  This lad is used to being ‘one man and his dog’ so he would love to be with a family, couple or singleton who spends a lot of time with him . You can see how smashing he is and he loves his water play … look at that smile.  

He was finally captured January 2020 near St Aigulin where he had been wandering alone since christmas and has never been claimed.  He has been with us 18 months now so he deserves to be noticed and he deserves to be loved.   Saintes SPA Dept 17 or please contact me on: