Brett is an adorable young lad and at 14 months old is ready and waiting for his forever home. All that he needs is a family who will take him for long walks, which he loves, and who will love him for the rest of his life. He weighs 24kg.

He is very affectionate and loving therefore company for at least part of the day would be preferable. Brett has lived with cats and is sociable with other dogs, but would be happier and more fulfilled as the only dog in the family.

He is such a happy boy who cannot wait to find a home with a comfy bed, a few tennis balls to play with and plenty of cuddles to give!

He is neutered. His passport, health checks and vaccinations are all in order and will be provided at adoption. Adoption fee: 280 euros. He is currently in Mauleon 79. If you would like to offer Brett that comfy sofa we would love to hear from you.

If you would like more information on him, please contact us on 09 77 48 71 43 or email:


I’m Oli and I’ve been at the shelter for over two years waiting for a home. I don’t understand why because I’m a great dog, cheerful and very friendly. I’m three years old and quite big, bigger than I seem in my photos.

I have lots of energy so need regular walks. I’m very good on the lead, although at the start of a walk I’m quite excited through being locked up all day. I’m good at recall; know how to sit and I love canicross. I’m good with other dogs but not with cats. 

A well fenced garden is essential for me to play and run around and to keep me from escaping as I can jump very high!

If you can give me a home please contact   Website:



Shetan is a gorgeous seven year old male cross Belgian Shepherd Tervueren. He is currently at the refuge SPA de la Haute-Vienne, 87270 Couzeix.

He is a friendly, sociable and loving dog who is good on the lead and very bright. He’s energetic and playful so needs regular walks and as he’s a climber he needs a secure, fenced garden and needs lots of attention as he gets lonely if left alone. He’s had the benefit of basic training and will sit, lie down and give his paw. This boy has lots of love to give.

He is fine with female dogs but not with other male dogs or cats.

If you would like to meet Shetan please complete the questionnaire on our website: and email it to:



Lovely Luna, an Anglo x, is estimated to be three years old.

She has the most beautiful gentle nature and loves people, other dogs, swimming and sniffing.

Because of the sniffing interest and those long legs, Luna needs a well enclosed garden and someone who can spend time teaching her about all the fun you can have without chasing rabbits and deer. We’re not sure how she’ll be with cats, so we would suggest proceeding with caution, but she may be fine with good introductions.

Luna is currently in dept 53 and we’re looking for a foster home in dept 79 or one of the surrounding departments, or, an adoptive home of course as long as you’re happy to travel to meet her.

Currently available for foster or adoption with Association En Route, Luna is chipped, vaccinated and sterilised. Please contact us at



This handsome lad is Oscar, one of the remaining two from a gang of 14 that arrived, all in good condition.  

He is about 3 years old and his life was turned upside down in January when they were all brought in; it was a shock for them all.   One by one he has seen his siblings disappear.  Amongst the dogs, Oscar was the strong boy, the leader of the pack I guess.  He is in a box now, which is making him sad, but we have to try and get him onto a lead and out for walks then he can go to his new home which he so deserves. All the others, well except for one who was super cocky, have been very similar, scared of the lead and the change .. but they have gone on to adapt beautifully in a loving home.  For some it took a couple of weeks and others put their paws up in days.  

Please think about him. Saintes SPA Dept 17 or contact me on  He is okay with other dogs, clearly, but as yet we don’t know about cats, none of the others have had a problem but nothing is written in stone of course.  



A breed that so many love and understand and as you can see this one is Fabulous.  Brigand is a GSP born August 2015, so coming up to 6 years old.

He is a lovely dog, castrated, educated, obedient and very, very lively.  He is a big strong lad and will need a secure garden or he will be up and over when he gets bored.  This lad is used to being ‘one man and his dog’ so he would love to be with a family, couple or singleton who spends a lot of time with him . You can see how smashing he is and he loves his water play … look at that smile.  

He was finally captured January 2020 near St Aigulin where he had been wandering alone since christmas and has never been claimed.  He has been with us 18 months now so he deserves to be noticed and he deserves to be loved.   Saintes SPA Dept 17 or please contact me on:



Attention big chunky Bulldog lovers.   This is Narco born Feb 2017, 4 years old. 

Nacro is castrated and good with children and females, a bit dominant with other males.  He pulls like a train on the lead but I don’t think he is used to a lot of lead walking. He would soon learn and of course with a garden to run in he won’t be quite so excited about a half hour out in the sun.  He is clean in the house, can be left alone without any trouble and is good in the car.  He needs a secure garden, as they all do, but allegedly if it is not secure he quite enjoys going walkabout .. a bit like all teenage boys. 

Narco is currently adapting to life in a refuge at the Saintes SPA, Dept 17, and would be very chuffed to find his new family.   Please contact me on:



Anyone out there with experience of the glorious Chow Chow ?   We have a corker for you, Panache, only a youngster and typical Chow characteristics.  He walks beautifully on the lead, is fine with cats, not so keen on other male dogs but only 2 years old so as always, training could be the answer.   Panache likes the company of his human, loves a good walk, a sniff and a snort,  stimulation for that young and active mind and body. He responds to attention, sits, gives paw and takes a treat like a whisper but also needs a firm hand, typical youngster, give him an inch and he will take a mile.    

If you know and love this super breed please email me at  He currently has a ‘singles’ pad at the Saintes SPA, Dept 17.

Justine & Juge

Justine & Juge

Justine and Juge – a bonded pair of absolute PURE JOY, no more, no less.

No cats and a nice secure garden. They need a space to run, they do pull with real excitement at being out of the box, but with space to run they are like greyhounds – 20 minutes full speed then sleep for hours. They LOVE humans. They will adore you and fill your life and house with a charming yet manic surge of the kind of affection only a bouncy dog can give you.

Their chances are limited as we want them to stay together, but if you have a secure garden and can imagine how much fun these two would bring you please think about it. Life in refuge is giving them big bottoms; they do look adorable as they swing along, but they need to run some of it off. They are full of life and happiness packed onto paws.  Juge is castrated and they are about 6 years old.

Saintes SPA Dept 17 or email  Thank you. 
PLEASE NOTE : they are not small dogs – they are a good chunky medium size.



Following the death of his French lady owner, Edy finds himself without a home. He’s an 11 year old German Short-Haired Pointer, clean and well-socialised. He is a friendly dog and used to living indoors. He has not been sterilised.

He’s currently in the Confolens area. Fingers crossed for this handsome lad.

If you would like to offer Edy a retirement home for his golden years, please call Valeria (French) on 07 82 85 47 40.



Vosko is a fantastic house guest in his foster home. He’s clean and calm, knows his commands and is super affectionate with his foster mum and other humans. Vosko needs is an experienced home with a well enclosed garden so he can run free and burn off his energy.

He’s great with other dogs when off lead, but when he’s out in busy places on his lead he gets very excited when he sees another dog, so needs someone who can work with him on that.

If you’re looking for a big lively dog, a companion who will love everyone he meets and play fetch as long as you can, this could be your boy.  

Vosko is in foster in Dept 86. Please contact us through the En Route website or email for further info.   


Gordon is young, black and uniquely stunning.
We know he had a tough start in life as he was scared of everything when he first arrived.
It’s difficult building their confidence in the Pound environment, especially when they’re already nervous, but Gordon is a different dog now. His face has relaxed, he looks to people for affection and he has been out on a couple of dates with a beautiful calm blonde (dog) who is teaching him that dogs are good too.
Gordon can now ‘assied’ and ‘ici’. He loves his regular walker, paddling and rolling in puddles, a chest rub and freely gives kisses.
Gordon still needs more time, but what he really needs is a home and a person of his own who he can bond with and who will invest time in him. That’s when we’ll see the real change in this gorgeous boy.
Please get in touch through the website or email if you’re interested in fostering or adopting Gordon.