Oscaro is a 4 year old Griffon cross, identified, sterilized and vaccinated.  Sadly, his world was turned upside down when his owners could no longer care for him and he found himself in the refuge. The poor lad was fearful and lost for the first days, hiding in his bed and barking anxiously at the ‘strangers’ he found himself amongst. But that is all behind him now as his true self has shone through – Oscaro is a real ‘glue-pot’ who adores attention, cuddles and most especially love. He is a real ball of love on legs.

Oscaro is very playful, even mischievous, as the members of the team have noted. The rascal makes us believe that he is bringing back the ball and then runs at full speed in the opposite direction! He has turned out to be a very cheerful dog who loves to go for walks and is delighted as soon as he spots his harness and leash, ‘helping’ us to put it on him by shoving his head into any available part of it.

His attitude to other dogs and cats is to be tested. It’s felt that the most suitable choice for him would be to be the only dog in his future home, as this is what he has been used to.

Do not hesitate to come and meet this lovely lad. He looks a right scruff in the photo but in reality Oscaro is much more handsome, with the most beautiful eyes and a cheeky smile.

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