Stanley is a healthy, 5 year old neutered male, fully vaccinated and chipped (number 953010003692961). He has never lived with dogs or young children but I don’t see this being a problem as he is pretty laid back.

Stanley loves helping with the outside chores . Inside he is not a lap cat but loves a cuddle and cuddling up on the sofa. When he gets a chance he also loves to sleep on the bed with or without you ! He was rescued by my daughter from a refuge when he was 6 months old and came to live with us 2 years ago when she had to move into a flat not suitable for him. He has lived with my other cat during the last 2 years. We would love to keep him in the family but circumstances just doesn’t allow that and I don’t want to see him in a cage in a refuge as he is young and active. We leave France on the 10th March.

He’s in area 16500, please contact email:



URGENTLY SEEKING A HOME for our beloved senior kitty Molly, a beautiful Persian with a quiet loving personality. For family reasons we have to return to Australia and though it breaks our heart, we know she wouldn’t survive the flight or the 3 months quarantine, as she becomes very stressed on flights. She is 16, a white and black Persian with a gloriously fluffy tail and enormous green eyes. Like all female cats she is sassy and confident, but she has cute little ways like drinking water off her paw and giving nose kisses. For her age she is in very good health, but we will pay for any treatment needs if they arise. She is fully vaccinated and treated, with a full vet history. Her chip number : 982009102545288 My email is