NUTMEG (F) – born May 2019.

Nutmeg was born to a stray cat who is now being kept and sterilised, so a happy ending all round. 

Dinky little girl Nutmeg is very, very pretty with beautiful amber and tabby markings. 

Nutmeg is first vaccinated, chipped and de-parasited. Her adopter will be expected to continue with her vaccinations and to have her sterilised when she is old enough.

She is in 24400 Eglise-Neuve-D’Issac. Contact Lynda on 05 53 81 30 44 or


PIXEL (m) – born end of May 2019.

Pixel and his siblings were rescued from a farm where their fate was, let’s say, uncertain!

He may be smaller than his brothers and sisters but it certainly doesn’t hold him back. Give him a little time and he is very independent in exploring his surroundings and playing with toys and his siblings. He loves a cuddle and will happily be picked up and snuggled, then is off playing again.

Pixel is microchipped, fully vaccinated and de-parasited. His adopter will be expected to have him sterilised when he’s old enough. 

Location: 16210 Bardenac. Please contact Mandy on


WICCA (m) – born May 2019

What a sad tale Wicca has to tell! He was abandoned by his own mother when he was really tiny. He only survived as it happened to be a building site and he was fed by the builders for a week! The poor little thing must have been so scared. Despite all of that, here is is now, happy as you like at Acorn.

He really is a dear little boy with a face you just want to squeeze! We adore him!

Wicca is first vaccinated, chipped and de-parasited. His adopter will be expected to continue with his vaccinations and to have him sterilised when he is old enough.

Wicca is in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac. Contact Lynda on 05 53 81 30 44 or

Freddie & Hogan

FREDDIE and HOGAN – born April 2019 – with Acorn Cat Rescue. 

These beautiful boys were dumped in a bin when they were tiny! We don’t think they are related and there were 2 other male cats with them, all of whom are safe. It was most peculiar, as though someone just rounded up the boys and got rid of them. 

Despite this terrible start, these two are absolute crackers. Both are wonderfully friendly and get on very well with the other cats at Acorn. They love to play and are both uniquely handsome. We’d like to see them adopted either together or separately. They deserve the very best home/s and we are sure they will make someone very happy indeed. 

Hogan and Freddie are fully vaccinated, chipped and de-parasited. Their adopter will be expected to have them sterilised when they are old enough.

They are in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac. Contact Lynda on 05 53 81 30 44 or


ARUN (m)- born May 2018.

Special Arun deserves an understanding and kind home. After a traumatic start in life he’s shy and sometimes scared. His foster carer says:

“Arun is a very shy boy, he will come around but needs time and love. I feel so sorry for him as he struggles to work things out – is he safe? are you kind? will he be ok? If there is that special someone out there who could give Arun a chance it would be a wonderful thing. Please find it in your heart to help this boy, give him the love and understanding he deserves.”

Arun is fully vaccinated, chipped, de-parasited and sterilised. He is with Association Acorn in 24500 Serres-et-Montguyard.  Please contact Claire on 06 17 39 03 77 or

Percy & Pepe

PERCY (m) and PEPE (m) – born April 2019

These two handsome dudes are not related but have been living together since they were rescued by Acorn. They can be adopted together or separately. 

Percy is an extraordinarily handsome tabby with perfect leopard-like markings. The vets says he is special and may have some Bengal in his genes. 

Pepe is equally beautiful with his soft black and white fur and big, green eyes. He’s the shyer of the two as he was found abandoned and terrified and so he’s slower to approach you. He needs a calm and understanding home in which we have no doubt he will flourish and develop in confidence. 

Both boys are microchipped, vaccinated and de-parasited and their adopter will be expected to have them sterilised when they are old enough. 

Percy and Pepe are in 24320 La Chapelle Montabourlet. Contact Caroline on 06 77 22 65 90 or

Cosette & Crystel

COSETTE (left) and CRYSTEL (right)

We have two heartbreakers for you here! 

These little sisters are truly beautiful. In an ideal world, we’d love them to be re-homed together. However, they are both confident and bright and would be fine adopted individually. Both girls are playful and well socialised with humans and other cats. Cosette is a little quieter than her sister, who is a bit of an adorable tinker! 

Cosette and Crystel will be first vaccinated, chipped and de-parasited upon adoption. Their adopter will be expected to continue with their vaccinations and to have them sterilised when they are old enough.

These sisters are in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac. Contact Lynda on 05 53 81 30 44 or

More photos  at


JESSIE (f) – born March 2018

Jessie is undoubtedly Acorn Cat Rescue’s superstar of this season. She was a lifesaver, quite literally, when she became a surrogate mum to a litter of abandoned kittens. Even more remarkable was that she had herself tragically given birth to one solitary stillborn kitten. 

Jessie has demonstrated that she is pure gold in terms of character. Little more than a baby herself, she is also sweet and affectionate with humans and is really deserving of a comfortable lap to sit on and plenty of fuss!

If you feel you can offer Jessie the home she deserves, contact Caroline on 06 77 22 65 90 or Jessie is in 24320 La Chapelle Montabourlet and is chipped, vaccinated, de-parasited and is now sterilised. 


Please help Acorn Cat Rescue find a home for ARNIE (m) – born May 2018.

Arnie used to be one of the shy ones. Not any more though! This handsome creature just loves to pose and show off. He has to try a little bit harder though as so far, nobody seems to have taken much notice of him……..

Arnie is well socialised with other cats and people. He would absolutely love his own family and the chance to live a proper life with his own space and garden to play in, especially now summer is coming up. Oh, and if you are looking for more than one cat, he has 3 beautiful siblings, also waiting in Acorn care.

Arnie is fully vaccinated, chipped, de-parasited and sterilised and is in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac.

Please contact Trevor on 05 53 81 30 44 or


NATSU is a male, neutered, sandy tabby, who turned up in our garden in the summer.  We had hoped to keep him but he has been rejected by our two older cats.  He gets on with our two dogs and is friendly and purrs a lot. Can you offer him a loving home?

We are located near Melle in South Deux Sevres and would prefer initial contact by email.

CHIP No 250269811546456
FR SN 10448512
RABIES injection valid to 02/11/21
Feline V  and RCP valid to 20/09/19
Liz Tanner.    email: