Black Friday Mini Panther kitts

Black Friday Special! Mini-panthers!

Well, it’s Black Friday weekend and our black kittens want a piece of the action.

Ranging from 2 to 7 months old, they are all kittens who sadly stand a lower chance of being adopted because they are black.

By many, black cats are considered unlucky. What nonsense, say we!

Black cats are known to be not only striking but also super-affectionate.

And what could be more fun than having a mini-panther strolling around your home?

These kittens are all in the Dordogne and are chipped, vaccinated, neutered (where age-appropriate) and de-parasited.

Contact Lynda and Trevor on 05 53 81 30 44 or

Titch and Milly, two little girl kitts – looking for a shoulder to purr on

TITCH & MILLY – two little girls born June 2018

To be adopted together or separately. With Acorn Cat Rescue.

If you want some shoulder and lap warming, nose kissing, ear and chin licking, shoelace untying and daily mouse catching, they come free with these two.

These amazing pictures courtesy of volunteer Brian Ross, show how photogenic Milly and Titch are. It’s a bit more difficult to convey their unique personalities but here goes:

They love exploring indoors and outdoors; leaves and acorns are very exciting at the moment and they enjoy chasing each other up the trees. They stand with noses to the wind then race through the cat flap to check all is well with their human.

Milly, one black ear and a black tail, aka Mrs Mills, Millsy or Princess. Loving and gentle, quick to welcome all visitors, human or animal, makes herself at home on any lap or shoulder that is available and drowns out all sound with her internal purring machine.

Titch or Titchy Witch, has been endowed with a few more black splashes but is just as pretty. Sticks her nose into everything, sometimes getting a surprise result, usually when getting too friendly with the more ‘mature’ cats. Comes through the door like a speeding bullet and launches into a lap, usually straight on top of Milly.

These girls are healthy, clean and tidy, preferring to toilet outside, particularly in mole hills. They are not allowed in the bedrooms so are very happy sleeping in the hat and scarf box at night. Milly and Titch are just waiting to give you 100% of themselves in return for a friendly and loving home.

Titch and Milly are in 87150 La Barbarie. Please contact Julie on 05 55 50 40 39 or

Four lovely girl kittens bursting with love and affection

Lucy, Spikey, Marley and Polly – four lovely girls who are completely overlooked! With Acorn Cat Rescue

Born August 2018, these four treasures are bursting with love, affection and character but for some reason, have been completely overlooked. Each of them is well-socialised and special in their own way:

Lucy – plays the role of big sister, making sure everyone is behaving, present and correct!

Spikey loves to weave around your legs, purring loudly. Often walks around with an Acorn in her mouth; like you do.

Polly – is a puppy in disguise. She runs to you when called and likes to lean on a leg!

Marley – loves mornings and is the first to investigate the new day. Otherwise, like all black cats, loves a fuss!

These four girls are in 16320 Gardes Le Pontaroux. They are fully vaccinated, chipped and de-parasited. Their adopters will be expected to have them sterilised when they are old enough.

Please contact Trevor on or 05 53 81 30 44

Misty and Missy – two gorgeous sisters


Sisters seeking a special home together. One adoption fee only applies.

As our foster carer, Annabel says, please consider adopting a shy cat or kitten, they will reward you in their own way. Most of them don’t stand a chance and are often put to sleep, considered as no-hopers. We wanted to give these two a chance.

Misty and Missy were born in June 2018 and have been enjoying life with Annabel since mid-August.

Missy has made great progress but Misty is the shyer of the two and depends on her more confident sister. They are joined at the hip in fact and love to play together! It’s because of this that we’d like them to be adopted together.

So if you have room in your home for not one, but two precious little girls who are looking for peace, love and fun, please contact Annabel on 05 55 09 38 53 or 07 87 42 60 15 or

When we ask for one home for two cats, we know the chances of adoption are lowered. In consideration of this, only one adoption fee of €115 applies in total for the two kittens.

Misty and Missy are in 87500 Ladignac Le Long. They are both fully vaccinated, chipped and de-parasited. Their adopter will be expected to have them sterilised when they are old enough.

Two little boy kitts, bundles of cuteness

CHARLIE (m) & SAM (m) – born mid August 2018

Please help us find a home for these beautiful boys. Yet more of summer’s unwanted lives. We’d love to find them a good home either together or separately.

Sam could not be cuter. He’s a medium-sized boy and he loves to snuggle up to his brother.

Mostly-white Charlie is very angelic looking. We’ll let you know if he turns into a little devil! He’s the biggest boy of the two!

These boys are in 24320 La Chapelle Montabourlet and will be vaccinated and microchipped on adoption. Their adopters will be expected to continue with their vaccinations and have them sterilised when they are old enough. Contact Caroline on 06 77 22 65 90 or

Pikachu and Muschu – two great little furry lads looking for homes

Two GREAT little boys looking for homes!

With Acorn Cat Rescue, near 24320 Verteillac.

Pikachu and Muschu are being fostered in a lovely home near Verteillac. Their foster mum, Marteke, says she will miss them when they are gone. That’s the hard part of fostering but we all really want to find a loving home for these two, either together or separately.

Muschu is very laid back (he has been known to lie down to have a drink!), very soft and sleek and and he just loves being cuddled, also on his belly. He’s calm and thoughtful, likes to be close to you and we think he’ll be a very big boy. A perfect winter warmer!

Pikachu on the other hand is very funny, curious and more adventurous. He likes climbing (watch out curtains!!) and is a very good footballer. Ping-pong balls are his specialty. He also loves cuddles but sometimes he just doesn’t have the time for it!

Marteke says she has been trying to teach them some manners. They already know a cup of tea and an iron are very hot, that the TV isn’t something you should jump on, that it’s not funny if you bump into a glass window, you can’t eat plants, etc. and those curtains.. well, they’re just so hard to resist!

Pikachu and Muschu are fully vaccinated and microchipped. Their adopters will be expected to have them sterilised when they are old enough.

Please contact Caroline in the first instance on 06 77 22 65 90 or

Arun, Ashton, Aimee, Arnie and Abbie, gorgeous kittens

Arun, Ashton, Aimee, Arnie and Abbie had a traumatic start in life. They came into Acorn Cat Rescue quite scared and were very shy with us. However, we are experienced with bringing around scaredy-cats and thank our volunteer cat-cuddlers (It’s a tough job!) for their help.

These kittens are now fine with their carers and although we know they are shy with strangers, they are young enough to develop in confidence in loving homes.

All delightful looking, these little cuties are looking for families to love them forever. We don’t expect they will all be adopted together although if some of them stayed in pairs, that would be a nice-to-have.

They are fully vaccinated, chipped and de-parasited. Their adopters will be expected to continue their vaccinations and to have them sterilised when they are old enough.

These beautiful kitts are in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac. Contact Lynda on 05 53 81 30 44 or

Sammie – gorgeous little chocolate coloured kitt

Sammie – beautiful chocolate-coloured kitten with Acorn Cat Rescue.

Sammie was born late April and was abandoned by his mum in an outbuilding when the builders began work.

Sammie is very a lively playful boy who enjoys the company of all the other kittens and is well socialised with humans.

Stunning Sammie is in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac. He is fully vaccinated and microchipped. His adopter/s will be expected to have him sterilised when he is old enough.

Please contact Lynda on 05 53 81 30 44 or

Bandit, male kitten – what a cool dude!


Bandit was saved from a life of feral hardship and is being well looked after at Acorn Cat Rescue.

Bandit is a bit of a dude really. He’s handsome and he knows it! He is calm and friendly and is well socialised with other cats and with people.

Bandit is first vaccinated and microchipped. His adopters will be expected to continue his vaccinations and to have him sterilised when he is old enough.

Bandit is in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac. Please contact Lynda on or 05 53 81 30 44.

Jemima, female cat

JEMIMA (with Acorn Cat Rescue, Dordogne)

Our update on Acorn’s longest stayer, Jemima!

As many of you know, Jemima has been with Acorn Cat Rescue since January 2017. Her history was unknown as they picked her up from a vet where she had been abandoned.

At first, it took her ages to settle in. She was spiteful to people and to most of the other cats. We were very worried that her chances of adoption were bleak.

She is now happily living as part of the family at Acorn HQ where she has been gently and carefully rehabilitated by Lynda and Trevor. They love this girl and are thrilled that she has learnt to believe in them and their intentions.

Jemima now gets along with other cats and will sit on on your lap (strictly on her terms) and she loves attention! We really do want Jemima to have her own special someone though as here, she will always be part of a large pack so we will keep looking for the right home for her.

It will probably take a while for Jemima to trust other people, so any new or stressful situation may see Jemima regress a little but her future is bright, we are sure.

Jemima needs an experienced owner with no children; someone who is patient and understanding of her bad past and happy to just let her be, well, Jemima!

Jemima is chipped, vaccinated and neutered. She is based in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac. Contact Lynda on or 05 53 81 30 44.