Please help Acorn Cat Rescue find a home for ARNIE (m) – born May 2018.

Arnie used to be one of the shy ones. Not any more though! This handsome creature just loves to pose and show off. He has to try a little bit harder though as so far, nobody seems to have taken much notice of him……..

Arnie is well socialised with other cats and people. He would absolutely love his own family and the chance to live a proper life with his own space and garden to play in, especially now summer is coming up. Oh, and if you are looking for more than one cat, he has 3 beautiful siblings, also waiting in Acorn care.

Arnie is fully vaccinated, chipped, de-parasited and sterilised and is in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac.

Please contact Trevor on 05 53 81 30 44 or


Can you help Acorn Cat Rescue find a home for beautiful ABBIE?

Abbie was brought into Acorn in spring 2018 as a shy, abandoned kitten but has come along leaps and bounds and is now a cheeky and playful little madam who is rather proud of the way she looks!

We don’t blame her – she’s angelic, with a very unusual tail!

She has been waiting far too long for a home. Abbie is fully vaccinated, chipped, sterilised and de-parasited.

Abbie is in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac

Contact Trevor on 05 53 81 30 44 or


MILLY – born June 2018 and looking for a shoulder to purr on. With Acorn Cat Rescue.

If you want some shoulder and lap warming, nose kissing, ear and chin licking, shoelace untying and daily mouse catching, they come free with Milly. 

Milly, one black ear and a black tail, is loving and gentle, quick to welcome all visitors, human or animal, makes herself at home on any lap or shoulder that is available and drowns out all sound with her internal purring machine. Milly is chipped, vaccinated and de-parasited. She is in 87150 La Barbarie. Please contact Julie on 05 55 50 40 39 or


TOOTSIE – born April 2018, with Acorn Cat Rescue

If you are feeling a little lonely, or just in need of a hug from time to time, then please consider adopting Tootsie! Tootsie was bottle raised at Acorn and this has made her very attached to humans and very affectionate. Sadly she is one of around 20 kittens in care at busy Acorn HQ and we always feel so guilty that we can’t give her the amount of love she deserves. 

Tootsie just loves to be with you. Whatever you are doing around the house, you can be sure she’ll be by your side to help you, sticking her nose in no doubt!

She is in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac and is fully vaccinated, chipped, de-parasited and sterilised. Contact Trevor on 05 53 81 30 44 or

Lady Grey & Tom

We are astonished that Lady Grey and Tom are still waiting for homes at Acorn Cat Rescue.

Competition for homes in France is so fierce. Their carer, Sarah, who used to volunteer for Cats Protection in the UK said that silver grey tabbies such as these two would have been snapped up there. These two are only 8 months old too.

Lady Grey loves to play with toys and having cuddles. 

Tom also loves to be with people and enjoys nibbling fingers! He’s very kind though so will be fine with children, honest! 

They are in 24 St Rabier.

Please contact Sarah via


Please help Acorn Cat Rescue find a home for BANDIT (m) – born May 2018.

Handsome Bandit came into Acorn as a baby. He always has been incredibly good-looking and so we were very surprised when all his litter mates were adopted, leaving him behind, and here he still is. We really don’t understand why!

Bandit is so friendly and is always one of the first to demand a cuddle. Trouble is, our love has to be shared and we think it’s high time he had his own personal cuddler! He is well socialised with other cats and with people.

Bandit is fully vaccinated, microchipped and sterilised. He is in 24400 Eglise-Neuve-d’Issac.

Contact Lynda on 05 53 81 30 44 or


NATSU is a male, neutered, sandy tabby, who turned up in our garden in the summer.  We had hoped to keep him but he has been rejected by our two older cats.  He gets on with our two dogs and is friendly and purrs a lot. Can you offer him a loving home?

We are located near Melle in South Deux Sevres and would prefer initial contact by email.

CHIP No 250269811546456
FR SN 10448512
RABIES injection valid to 02/11/21
Feline V  and RCP valid to 20/09/19
Liz Tanner.    email:



Sallie was born late April and was abandoned by her mum in an outbuilding when the builders began work. 

Sallie is very easy-going, affectionate girl who loves the company of the kittens and is well socialised with humans too. She’s also used to dogs. 

Stunning Sallie is in 24320 La Chapelle Montabourlet. She is fully vaccinated, microchipped and sterilised. Contact Caroline at Association Acorn on 06 77 22 65 90 or


SPYDER – born mid-September 2018

An urgent call from the vet to Acorn HQ resulted in us taking in this little fella. Little Spyder is now safe, loved and warm. He’s become bright, lively and very affectionate. 

For now, we’re thrilled to have this new little member of Team Acorn. Please share with anyone who might be interested in adopting him.

Spyder is in 24320 La Chapelle Montabourlet and will be vaccinated and microchipped on adoption. His adopter will be expected to continue with his vaccinations and have him sterilised when he is old enough. Contact Caroline on 06 77 22 65 90 or


JEMIMA – now 2 years at Acorn Cat Rescue!
As many of you know, 4 year-old Jemima has been with Acorn Cat Rescue since January 2017. Her history was unknown as we picked her up from a vet where she had been abandoned.

Jemima lives as part of the family with Lynda and Trevor Atkins who run Acorn and their various cats and dogs. We still want her to have a home of her own though. She’s a great mouser, is squeaky clean and eats like a horse! A very fit and beautiful cat!

We think Jemima is better off being an only cat. When she first arrived at Acorn she was a bit spiteful to us and to other cats but she has really improved and behaves herself now. Affection is strictly on her terms though and she will put the other cats in their places if she feels it necessary!

It will probably take a while for Jemima to trust other people, so any new or stressful situation may see Jemima regress a little but her future is bright, we are sure. Jemima needs an experienced owner with no children; someone who is patient and understanding of her bad past and happy to just let her be, well, Jemima!

Jemima is chipped, vaccinated and neutered. She is based in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac. Contact Lynda on or 05 53 81 30 44.