Donations & Volunteering

Many thanks to everyone who has kindly supported us. During 2018, Hope Association has made donations totalling 200,505€ to:

Association les Doux Museau (87)
SPA Mornac (16)
SPA Poitiers (86)
Association Gala (85)
Association Orfée (49)
Association Cats (16)
Twilight – La Maison de Retrait pour Chiens (24)
L’Ecole du Chat Libre, Poitiers (86)
Borderline Collie (62)
APA Niort (79)
Le Chat Bleu (79)
La Voie de l’Hirondelle (16)
Association Pas à Pattes !16)
Les Amis des Animaux (69)
Félin pour l’Autre (79)
Poor Paws (46)
APA Lami-Dadi/Refuge la Mère aux Bêtes (46)
Lévriers & Compagnie (17)
Association Acorn (24)
Association Nouveau Départ (79)
Association les Chabadas (40)
Association de Quatre Pattes (46)
Charente Nature, Toursac (16)

Thank you on behalf of all the abandoned, neglected and abused animals that you have helped. If you are interested in getting involved, there are many ways to help:

Financial donations
Donations towards animal care, vet fees and food are invaluable and very welcome. Please make cheques payable to ‘The Hope Association’.

    • By post: for details of where to post a cheque please go to the Contact Form & ask for further details using the ‘General Enquiries’ choice in the drop-down menu.
    • In person: make a cash or cheque donation at the Hope Book Fairs or at one of the Hope Charity Shops.
    • Use the Donate (PayPal ) button at the bottom of the page.
      All donations will be gratefully received and used to help animals in need.

Book donations 
Do you have good quality books to donate? Bring them to the Hope Book Fairs or Hope Charity Shops. We also have a number of drop-off points. If you don’t have transport, we may be able to collect or meet somewhere convenient to collect your books: please go to the Contact Form, select ‘Book Donations’ from the drop-down menu and send a message.

Bric-a-brac and clothes donations
If you have good quality bric-a-brac or clothes, please bring them to the Hope Book Fairs or Hope Charity Shops. If this isn’t possible, please go to our Contact Form, select ‘Bric-a-brac and clothes’ from the drop-down menu and send a message.

Bedding, towels and food
Clean bedding, towels & in-date animal medicines are welcome as we pass them on to shelters. Please note that we cannot accept bedding containing feathers.

Hope Association volunteers help at our Hope Book Fairs and Hope Charity Shops; they collect and store books, bric-a-brac as well as sorting books. Volunteers also bake cakes (email: and grow plants for our fairs and shops. They also get involved in other fund-raising activities such as open gardens, coffee mornings and quiz nights. If you are interested in helping please go to our Contact Form, select “Volunteering” from the drop-down menu and send a message.