Hagrid – 6 year old Malinois/GSD x in Mornac SPA

DOB: 01/10/10
Arrival: 09/04/15

Hagrid is a six-year-old smarty-pants GSD x Malinois and boy does he have brains. He is ready to work and keen to build up a relationship with his owners. Hagrid absolutely must go to owners who have experience of shepherds and know that they need clear boundaries and good leadership as Hagrid finds it child’s play to get one up if he’s not given guidelines. When he has them, he is a dreamboat. A calm, non-punitive home is essential: Hagrid responds to anger and roughness with delight, feeding off all that energy. What helps him most manage his exuberance is having plenty to occupy that smart, smart brain. He loves chews, is happy to pass the afternoon with a bone, adores obedience training, excels at tracking and scent work and enjoys the odd game of Spinkles. He has no objection to spending a lot of the day outside and I have rarely heard him bark. A secure garden that he can make the most of would be perfect. If he has a warm place to sleep, even better. 

He also has plenty of energy as well as being really intelligent. He is confident and playful, would appreciate one-to-one training and is quick to tell you that you aren’t going quickly enough for him in training sessions. He would direct you if he could! Like many shepherds, he is a great guard dog where other dogs are concerned. He is loyal and takes his time to reward you with his attention. He would be absolutely wasted on a home that just wants a pet. Hagrid needs a job to do and he is keen to do it. His natural intelligence is an absolute gift for anyone who wants a superstar at the end of a training session, but if you do not have the time to dedicate to Hagrid, he is going to be a handful.

As a cross-breed, he is in good health – other than an infection that he has been struggling to shift. Hagrid has had giardia, an infection which can be very hard to shift in a refuge but is quick to clear up under treatment in a home. Hagrid is okay with female dogs on a case by case basis and would need to be tested with them before you commit. He is hands down my favourite dog at the shelter, but he has a hard mouth, so a family with young children is not recommended.

Hagrid finds the refuge very over-stimulating and would appreciate a home with owners who understand the calm energy he needs.

If you are interested in adopting Hagrid, please contact:

Refuge de l’Angoumois
Les Mesniers
16600 Mornac

05 45 65 76 99

The refuge is open from 1.30-5.30 Monday-Saturday during the winter and 1.30-6pm during the summer.

Alternatively, you can also contact Emma at emmalee4hope@gmail.com

Gilda – five year old shepherd cross in Mornac SPA



DOB: 01/05/11

Arrival: 14/03/16

Gilda was returned after a brief trial adoption. It is imperative that she go to a home where there are other dogs or where an owner is able to spend plenty of time with her. It is not acceptable to Gilda for her to find herself in a home where she is left to her own devices for 8 – 10 hours a day. She is a smart girl who will happily find her own fun if unoccupied.


Here’s a stately lady for you… I’d even go as far as saying she’s a handsome girl.

Gilda is a five-year-old German Shepherd x Beauceron. She’s not got much by way of finesse but she’s smart and confident. She is a very typical shepherd: suspicious of strangers, loyal to a fault, ready for work and in need of a role in your family. If you have experience of shepherds, you’ll be familiar with Gilda’s personality.

She’s intelligent and not prepared to sit and wait around for your next instruction if you’re a slow poke. And why should she? She deserves an owner as sharp as she is who can polish her manners in a positive and systematic way to bring out the best in her. She will need a garden, and a secure one at that. Don’t be surprised to find her patrolling the property lines: she is a double shepherd watching out for her flock. Gilda needs a home with males, but no cats, poultry or sheep.

gilda4Gilda is available from the Refuge de l’Angoumois, Les Mesniers, 16600 MORNAC.

05 45 65 76 99

The refuge is open from 1.30 – 5.30 Mon-Sat in winter, and 1.30 – 6pm in summer.

Alternatively, you can also contact Emma at emmalee4hope@gmail.com

Diabolo – 8 year old dalmatian in Mornac SPA


Pedigree Diabolo has had a sad life, having been adopted from the refuge and then finding himself abandoned by his owner some years later where she left him in the house she had just vacated!!!

Diabolo is a big eight-year-old boy who is very sad to find himself at the refuge. He needs a special home, but that’s not impossible we know. He is in good shape although he has suffered more than most from refuge life and has a few stress behaviours that are affecting him here.

He will need experienced Dally owners who know that there’s a lot more to this breed than 101 Dalmatians… a real Dally wouldn’t give up his babies, not even to Cruella. Diabolo is no different. He is an excellent guard and is suspicious of strangers.

He is having a tough time in the refuge as he is very fond of human beings and much prefers to spend his time with us rather than other dogs. Diabolo will prefer a home without other dogs and without small children, but he doesn’t mind cats. He is castrated. Diabolo walks well on the lead and needs clear, structured guidelines and clear rules. He needs a home as soon as possible – the stress of refuge life is leading him to stress-licking and he is wounding himself as a result.

Diabolo deserves a wonderful home where he can relax and find himself once again. Patience, understanding and firm rules are a necessity.

Refuge de l’Angoumois, Les Mesniers, 16600 MORNAC

05 45 65 76 99

The refuge is open from 1.30 – 6pm Monday-Saturday during the summer. Very serious Dally owners only need apply.

You can also contact Emma at emmalee4hope@gmail.com[:]

Jack – 2 year old setter x beauceron in Mornac SPA



Jack is a great dog – as long as there are no other dogs about! He is biddable, intelligent and keen to form a bond with you. Put him near another dog and you might be convinced he’s the Hound of the Baskervilles. For that reason, Jack would best be suited to a home where he is the only dog. If you want a confident, handsome boy, Jack would definitely fit the bill.


He is a bigger dog, a setter x beauceron, and he is absolutely beautiful. He has a magnificence that will make you forget that you’d be best to seek out wilderness paths with no other dogs, or a home where he’s not going to feel the need to tell every other dog that he’s there. Jack may still be a baby, but he is keen to learn and will make a fabulous and loyal pet for those who are happy to be a one-dog household.

Refuge de l’Angoumois Les Mesniers 16600 Mornac

05 45 65 76 99

The refuge is open from 1.30-5.30 Monday-Saturday during the winter and 1.30-6pm during the summer. English is spoken. 

You can also email Emma at emmalee4hope@gmail.com[:]