This beautiful girl is Suzi-Q, a Jag’d terrier x weighing 10kg. (she has had a litter of pups and is still feeding them so a little extra weight is perfectly acceptable she says). Thought to be around 3 years old, Suzi-Q, like her namesake, is a sassy model. Whoever is lucky enough to be her family will laugh every day. She’s a ´judgy’ dog – have a third biscuit with your cup of tea, prepare to be judged, socks not matching, you’ll get the look. She’s one of those dogs that her face lets you know exactly what she’s thinking. Suzi-Q is incredibly affectionate and if your lap is free, it won’t be when she spots it. She’s good in the car in her harness and likes to join you on your walk. She’s clean and comfortable being left alone, although choose a room to contain her in (ie a downstairs toilet) if you’re particular about your things being nosed through.

As with all terriers a secure garden is a must. Suzi-Q is OK with other dogs but doesn’t like them in her face. This may be because she arrived here pregnant and is protective of her young, or it may be her. For this reason I think she should live alone. Mix on walks etc, sit under your table at a café fine, but her own space at home. Her adoption fee to the refuge de l’ Angoumois is 250€. This includes her microchip, her first vaccination and sterilisation at one of our partner vets once her body is ready. She’s ready to leave the first week in January when her mummy duties are over (thank goodness she says!). She’s currently in 16430. For more information or to arrange a visit, please email: