Where the money goes – Book Sale May 2014

Once again after a successful May book sale and numerous other fund raising events, I am now able to inform you all that due to the tireless work of the volunteers at HOPE and the continued support of the public, Hope has, in the past few days sent donations to the following associations to help them in their endless work of helping animals in need. Cheques are now winging their way to the following refuges and associations:

Twilight Maison Retrait pour Chiens

L’association Orfee

Poor Paws

Levriers & Co

Felin Pour l’autre

Association Galia

APA Niort

Mornac SPA

Centre de soins de la faune sauvage poitevine

Hope has also continued to help many individuals financially in their campaign to sterilise feral cats in SW France, this will hopefully help towards reducing the number of feral kittens born in the future, this is an ongoing campaign which Hope will continue to support.

The association has also helped in the rescue of a great number of abandoned and abused animals in distress, many have been vaccinated, chipped, received urgent veterinary care, re-education by dog behaviourist (Julie Stansbridge) and then successfully re homed. None of this would have been possible without the tremendous support we receive from our volunteers and you, the general public.

If you would like to join our mailing list so we can keep you informed of all Hope’s future events, or would like to donate or volunteer, please email linda.burns4hope@gmail.com.

When thank you is not enough – Twilight Old Dogs Home

Dearest Hope team

We believe to love an animal is the best feeling and one we should all take the opportunity to enjoy. Being blessed to have the health and time to share our home with 30 old dogs has become a huge privilege for us, but we couldn’t do it without help.

This is where we become so very humbled. Hope, as a fundraising organisation, are quite the mightiest group of selfless people we have ever met. All year round planning and time given up for animals you will likely never meet or even know of. The two incredible book sales you do, which are now a family weekend out must do – of fun, goodies and giving.

Your monies raised will be helping many many animals in need, and for us, here at Twilight … this is how your support has reached these wrinklies …

Since the 1st Jan this year 52 dogs have been/arrived at Twilight. During that time 15 have passed over the bridge and 7 have been re-homed.

Mike and I do not have the words, thank you seems not nearly enough.

You all work hard in your different ways, you give your time and love in an immeasurable way.

In our case we can quantify your work by saying you have mightily contributed to saving 52 old or disabled dogs.
Bless you and thank you for all you do.
Leeanne, Mike & Puddings


FB: twilightolddogs
0033 (0)5 53 52 62 37

Please support Gaynor

I have a great friend Gaynor who, on the 20th July this year will be cycling what is possibly the most difficult stage of the Tour de France – TOUR DE FRANCE FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE ! – Gaynor is doing this a) because she is completely bonkers and b) because she has a huge heart of gold and wants to raise money for dog rescue. She will be cycling up ascents that I wouldn’t even get in a lift to go up and this to help out Poorpaws Dog Rescue and our sister refuge La Mere aux Betes.

Her husband Philip has set up a great website – Gaynorpedals4dogs – which you can visit and find out all about the tremendous challenge and – bet you didn’t see this coming ! – make a donation. No donation is too small to help us improve the life of sad and mistreated dogs. You can donate either in Pounds Sterling, on the English version page, or in Euros on the French page. Please do look at the website and if you feel you want to help, click on the donate button.

Thank you in advance and I promise you that EVERY penny, pound or euro will go towards making unhappy dogs happy.

website for donations and further information www.Gaynorpedals4dogs.com

Hope Book Sale – Thank you to all

Our lovely, hardworking volunteers

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came to volunteer and also those who supported the Hope book sale at the weekend. We had phenomenal success all due to the group of volunteers who turned up and worked tirelessly and the public who came and spent their money. Well done to you all and a big thank you from all the animals who are going to be helped by the money raised. I hope to see you all again in October.

Linda Burns, Hope President

Where do we start?

Books, books and more books

Did someone say “books?”

Volunteers needed to feed cats in Bellac, Dept. 87

Volunteers needed to feed the stray cats, they live in a little fenced area in little chalets. People needed to give them their food, only takes 25 mins, all food provided. You get a key to the place and can go just once a week or more if you like. Please help if you can.

Please email Stu on stuhillman@gmail.com for more information.

Help urgently needed for Mornac SPA, Angouleme

As you may have heard or read, a breeder close to Angoulême has recently been investigated for irregularities and as a result, 160 dogs have been removed from the premises. A large number of these have made their way to the refuge at Mornac, near Angoulême.

The refuge cannot allow these dogs to be adopted until the trial is complete and as a result have to home a number of very vulnerable dogs, including pregnant mums, mums with pups and injured animals.

In the meantime, they are at full capacity and released this statement today: “There are 200 dogs at the refuge who need to find families, either to foster them, or, even better, to adopt them, because we are now overwhelmed with work, without counting the abandoned animals we take on, which never ceases. It’s more than ever the moment to share details and photographs as widely as possible to get our dogs adopted.”

If you are thinking of taking on an animal, if you are looking for a dog, if you would like to help, if you can help, here are some photos of the dogs at the refuge.

And if you are worried about the French of it all, please feel free to contact any of the volunteers at Hope (using the contact box or direct to soomog4hope@gmail.com) or LAARF (info@laarf.com) or any of the other refuge regulars who would gladly help you find a dog and navigate the language. If you can’t adopt or foster, please share with anyone you know who might be able to help. Even 10 dogs would make a massive difference, leaving 5 enclosures free for the maltreatment cases that are ongoing.

Thanks for reading and for caring.

Woofer Walk 30th November 2013

Phoenix and Hope volunteer, Verity Lineham, did an amazing thing for her birthday. Instead of having a party, she organised a “Woofer Walk”. This took place on Saturday 30th November at Angouleme SPA and a group of us spent the afternoon walking the 70 dogs that are in residence.

Some of us had never been to the SPA before, and were anxious, but the staff were so kind and lovely, and it was obvious how lucky these dogs and cats were to be there. Verity organised a raffle, and a bottle of champagne was won by Sara, and a tidy sum was raised for the animals.

There were two cases that stood out for us afterwards. The 14 year-old female Labrador (now adopted and will spend her Christmas in front of a lovely, warm fire).

If you can offer a old woofer a love and a warm fire this Christmas please contact SPA Angouleme direct. There’s plenty more dogs that need loving homes.

A 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier cross, who Linda Archer and Jane Hunt found themselves grooming (Linda being the professional, Jane being the sous-chef). Long story short, but this chap came back to Linda’s to continue his grooming treatment, as he was so matted, there was not enough time to sort him out.

So, the moral of this story is, please DO go and volunteer at your local refuge! You really will be doing a very good turn and you will most likely go home with a big smile on your face and with your heart that little bit warmer.

Many thanks to Eddie Griffee

A great big thank you to Eddie Griffee who raised the amazing sum of 535 euros at her coffee morning last Sunday. Eddie raised the money by selling her beautiful hand crafted cards on the day…..The money will go towards helping the many abused and abandoned animals in need.

Missing female tabby cat, area 16700 Lavaud


Sexe/Sex : Femelle/Female
Race/Breed : Tabby tigre chatte/Domestic long haired tabby cat
Couleur/Colour : Gris et blancs tabby(tigre)/4 pieds blancs et un bavoir blanc/Grey and white tabby (tiger)/4 white feet and a white bib
Puce/Microchip Number : 985120022067862
Perdue le/Lost on : 04/08/2013
Perdue à/Lost in area of : 16700 Lavaud – FR
Jackson n’est pas tres sociable avec autres chats/chiens. Elle est timid.
Jackson is not very sociable with other cats/dogs. She is quite shy and timid.

Vous avez trouvé ce chat ?
If you find or see the cat
Please contact:
Nom/Name: Phillipe Lea/Hilary Ayres
Téléphone : 0545313585
0044 7817746768

Notre chat a disparu de la chatterie dans Lavaud le 4 août. Elle n’a pas encore été trouvé.

S’il vous plaît pourrions nous vous demandons de regarder dans tous vos granges, garages et les bâtiments pour voir si elle est là.

Si vous la trouver ou voir son s’il vous plaît soyez gentil suffisant pour mettre des aliments et l’eau dehors pour elle et téléphone à nous le faire savoir.

Elle est un chat très timide et n’ira pas toujours à des étrangers.

Nous voulons désespérément trouver son aide s’il vous plaît alors nous pencher pour elle.

Je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre aide.”

Thank you from the Puddings at Twilight

On Saturday 17th August Twilight had a very special visit from
Hope xx

President, Linda Burns and other volunteers went to Twilight for a group huggle and to drop off Hope’s donation to Leeanne and Mike for the Puddings.

Hope is a mighty fund raising organisation, with an army of charming and energetic volunteers that work tirelessly to raise funds for animals various and their needs. Not a refuge themselves, pure fund raising and a source of information to help all aspects of animal care and welfare.

They have followed Twilight, helping where they can when we have needed that extra support, and this year, after a successful fund raising Book Sale and Hog Roast, they felt they would like to help the oldies with a donation from the money raised. It is this incredible generosity that allows us to top up with our own fundraising, and keep the oldies in a manner to which they soon become accustomed … with food all medical needs. Hope really do give Hope to our oldies, and we thank them immensely. For Mike and I too, we were treated, not just with wonderful human company, but with the chairwoman’s mighty skill of baking ….and the yummiest coffee and walnut cake. Mmmmm, thank you Linda.

But it isn’t just the funds that these special people bring to Twilight. It is friendship and moral support as part of the French rescue network. Rescue work is tough, often not just what you see from the animals, but what you take from the less caring humans …. so to be able to share our difficulties is essential to all our sanity and on- going work. Thank you Linda and the Hope team for that, indeed, thanks go to many of the English and French rescues across here for that.

So a lovely few hours of comradeship was shared by humans and canines alike. Thank you Hope(www.hope-assoc.com) …. for the on-going Hope you give to us all with all your selfless hard work …. however many paws, hooves, beaks we might have.

Leeanne & Mike and the Twilighters’