Found – border collie in Roumaziers with purple collar, is it yours?

Hello we have a found a lost dog. We live in Manot between Roumaziers and Confolens and Ansac. She understands English so we are assuming she is English owned? Border collie type, black and grey white with a purple collar young and small. But the screw type address identity thing is empty. She is very friendly and we have fed and watered her. I am sure there is some one missing her. Any applicants must show her records for injections etc proof of identity. photos etc.

robby email

Lost/found ginger cat, Limoges area – trapper extraordinaire required

Me and a friend were travelling towards Limoges on the A20 last Monday on route for the ferry, we pulled into ‘Aire De Puy De Grace’ north of the E70 junction, A lovely young ginger cat approached, who was obviously recently lost, he seemed in good condition but under weight, he was so affectionate and must be a great loss to the person who owned him. I would have loved to look after him.

He was on the lower car park below the toilets living off scraps from traveller’s. is there anywhere nearby I could contact or someone who could possibly pop in there on the way past to take him into care.

If anyone can help or can catch him, please can they let Lynda Atkins from Phoenix know. She is on


Cat found, possible Norwegian Blue

We had a cat turn up at our house nr. Mirambeau, on Sunday the 23rd of December 2012 and we have been looking after her ever since. She is obviously domesticated and is very friendly, with us, but not with our cat, hence the reason we cannot keep her, and she is not at all feral. Her coat is very long and was slightly matted, as she had obviously not been brushed for a while. She has happily allowed us to brush her, which again points to her being very domesticated. She is probably of mixed breed but is predominantly, if not completely, of Norwegian Blue extraction.  We took her to the vet in Mirambeau and she is not chipped or tattooed. If you have lost her or know someone who has please contact us, Ann or Ian, ideally by e-mail at or on 0546499742 but please note our French is not very good.

Lost spaniel x collie bitch – found

Had a call this morning about a year old Spaniel x collie bitch …she is black with a white collar…(markings on her neck) and spotted b/w legs and a docked tale. She is very small for her breed (resembles a whippet) and is very friendly….They live in Adriers 86430 and was last seen by her owners yesterday….she believes she has been taken….microchipped and vaccinated….Gendarme informed along with notices at local vets etc….and Mairie on Monday…..If anyone has seen this dog they need to contact her distraught owner on 0549 840837….

Photo to come asap.

Jesse – lost dog, Adriers Dept. 86 – Found!

Lost, a young bitch, black and white, Collie cross about 2 years old, disappeared from Adriers, Dept. 86 on Friday, 19th October.

Her name is Jessie, she’s very gentle. Please call 05 49 84 08 37 or 06 12 68 75 48.

Her owners are very sad to have lost her and hope she can be found safe.

Angus is found, after a fashion

The good news is, is that Angus has been found, well sighted – he seems to prefer to wild life, rather than being a house cat – the good thing is, he’s doing good. Hopefully he’ll come home once it gets colder and there’s not so much wildlife around.