Sork, male, 5 years old, Boxer X – affectionate and obedient

Say hello to Sork who is about 5 years old. I delight in bringing you our fine and fabulous dogs. All perfect in my eyes of course but all with their little quirks and sometimes finding the right owner to suit our lovelies needs time 🙂 Not with this boy.

An absolute favourite in the refuge he is chilled, gentle, affectionate and obedient with glorious amber eyes. I do not know about cats but on every other level he is an absolute treasure, walks like a whisper on the lead constantly pausing to look back to make sure you are there. Ladies and Gents he really is superb.

Downside ? Human inability to see past his looking like a tough dog, assuming he is a toughie and moving on to choose a smaller, cuter far more feisty little number 🙂 Come and look into those eyes, take him for a walk and prepare to fall in love xxx The video speaks for him xx

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