Iggy, male, Braque, 5 years old – adopted!

Our beautiful Iggy was adopted by a wonderful lady 3 years ago, sadly now she is in hospital with serious health problems and Iggy has returned to the refuge for adoption, so sad, for Iggy and his Mum

Iggy mâle Braque 5 ans

Iggy was born 22/3/2013, he is castrated and up to date on all vaccines and flea/worm treatment, he is house trained and loves the sofa, he is so distressed in the refuge, he has no idea what he has done to be put back in a cage.

Iggy needs a lot of exercise and he okish on a lead, he pulls so he has been walked in a harness and that does the trick. Because of his past life, he was mistreated as a puppy! he does not support being on his own for more very long so he needs a lot of presence, a securely fenced garden, lots of patience and lots of love.

He needs to find, at the least, a Foster family but obviously adoption would be better.

This is the link to enquire for adoption or ask for information, it does not commit you to anything, it can be completed in English, just click on the UK flag. Thank you

Demande d’adoption