Fifi and Chouchou, Labrador-Spaniel X, 8 & 10 years old

Fifi & Chouchou, both Labrador-Spaniel crosses recently lost their owner. They are currently being looked after by their owner’s neighbour near Secondigny but are looking for a permanent home. They are 8 and 10 years old and are inseparable, playing, sleeping and eating together. They measure 40 cm high, are both micro-chipped & vaccinated. Chouchou is sterilised. Both Fifi & Chouchou are very affectionate.

They get on well with other dogs & cats and enjoy playing with children. Both are obedient, though so far it’s in French, and they walk to heel without a lead. Unfortunately, poor Fifi is so distressed at not having a permanent home, she has started biting at her legs.
My contact no. 07 60 68 48 86

Microchip nos:
Fifi – 250 269 602 351 331
Chouchou – 250 269 600 804 451

Mr & Mme Couturier
La Bougrie
79130 Allonne
The phone numbers of the family currently looking after them are:
0670637856 & 0549640465[:]