Marlo, male, Bretagne spaniel, 3 years old – a beautiful boy

Marlo is 3 years old and a seriously high energy bouncy and going crazy with boredom boy. He is a nightmare to get a harness on due to his excitement but once out he could not possibly be easier to walk and is not even interested in other dogs whether they lunge all teeth or not .. he is sniffing and snorting .. he is out and isn’t about to waste time with anyone looking for stress.

He is BEAUTIFUL. He is well behaved and biddable but he does need a little more work. His small problem is that he becomes deeply attached to his Ma and then too protective, this needs to be worked with and sorted, but a dog this intelligent with this much love in him can learn and would. Time time time and patience, we all have some of that. He is going to be castrated soon which should mellow his soul and of course being caged up at the SPA is not helping, he needs out, he needs a Ma and Pa that know and love him. He needs us to try … and it starts right here. Please talk to me in the first instance and please share him and talk about him … you may not be the one but your best pal might be, or the guy fixing your wall … you just never know.

If you’re interested in adopting Marlo or require more information contact Kate Potter at Saintes SPA or email