Arthur, male, Boxer X, 7 yrs old – calm and gentle boy

Arthur is 7 years old and was abandoned by his owner. Not the worst thing in the world because he has not had the best of treatment and was stick thin, even so Arthur was very frightened by the refuge and became quite depressed.

He is slowly regaining some confidence and putting on a little weight. He is a brindle boxer cross and a soft quiet boy, easy on the lead but he is intimidated by the other dogs and the noise. Arthur has been moved to a bigger box with more room to move but it is down with the Category dogs so not all potential adopters go down there and he wont be seen as much as he should be.

It is down to us to get Arthur’s face seen, put the light back into those sad eyes. Yes he is fearful at first, but when he knows you he is calm and gentle and so needs someone to love him and make it all okay xx

Arthur is at Saintes SPA Dept 17 or please contact Kate Potter email: