Paige, Paddie & Pixel

Paige (f), Paddie (m) and Pixel (m) – born early May 2019

These terrific tabby siblings were rescued from a farm where their fate was, let’s say, uncertain! Now at Acorn, they can be adopted either separately or together. 

Paige has the most fabulous markings; she is very loving and is the first of her siblings to come up to say hello. She loves playing with her toys then will climb up on your lap and fall asleep with a contented purr.

Paddie is a very handsome kitten with bags of energy and curiosity. He will explore everywhere, getting himself into the tiniest of spaces! But he equally loves human contact, always happy to be cuddled and loving to snuggle up around your neck, purring loudly.

Pixel may be smaller than his brothers and sisters but it certainly doesn’t hold him back. Give him a little time and he is very independent in exploring his surroundings and playing with toys and his siblings. He loves a cuddle and will happily be picked up and snuggled, then is off playing again.

Paige, Paddie and Pixel will be microchipped, vaccinated and de-parasited upon adoption and their adopter will be expected to have them vaccinated when they are old enough. 

Location: 16210 Bardenac. Please contact Mandy on