Aris, male, 2 years old, Chihuahua X – cute and loveable little bundle of fluff

My story by Aris aged 2 years

I arrived from Romania with my mum, a Chihuahua, and brother who was rehomed here in France. I am larger than my mum and I weigh 12kg and unlike my mum and brother have a beautiful fluffy coat. My main colours are a biscuit/sandy grey colour and pretty black tips of colour on my ears with a short stumpy tail.

I am a very friendly, lovable active chap and walk well on my lead with my harness on. I am also house trained and love people of all ages. I love cuddles and in return give big kisses. I have my own passport and have all my injections are up to date. I have been living with my two sisters and two big brothers but recently had a fall out with my brothers and now cannot live with them anymore, believe you me I have tried but I guess I would just be more suited to a family with me as the only one. I really prefer to be top dog which doesn’t work with my big brothers in the house I’m living in now.

I am not good with chickens and though I have never met a cat, it is ‘probable’ that they might interest me too. Most importantly I’m not a fussy eater but do like chicken with scrambled egg and liver.

I was born with an enlarged heart but I’m a fit little dog and I don’t take any prescribed medication. The vet said I’m in good health.

Aris: ICAD 642098100157232
DOB 22/03/2016
Weight 12kg
Full passport

If you’re interested in Aris or require further details or more cute photos please email Vanessa on or telephone 0545290021

Mousse, male, 5 years old, Fauve Bretagne X – cuddle monster

Okay ladies and gents, the refuge have given me a mission and I have no doubt we can achieve it.

This little stunner, is Mousse. He is 5 years old and was adopted from us 3 years ago. He now finds himself back with us having led a pampered life. To say he is shocked is to say the least and he is seriously adorable. Fauve Bretagne cross, he is chunky and long bodied, beautiful eyes, handsome boy. He has been so well cared for but is now shaking and unsure.

Finding himself in refuge in this weather is going to be hard for this boy.

Please share Mousse far and wide for me. This is a cuddle bucket exceptionelle xxx Saintes SPA Dept 17 or contact Kate Potter on

Ithos, male, 5 years old, Dogue/Boxer X – handsome lad

What can I say? How handsome do you need the man in your life to be? I have the perfect guy for you. Oh la la … strong, dark and intelligent. He is good with cats and children and educated. Will love you unconditionally, never moan and think you are amazing even in your rollers this is the kind of male I like to have around. xx

This absolute stunner is ISTHOS he is a Dogue/Boxer cross born May 2013. he was found tied to the grillage. Chipped so we were able to contact the number but the man said he had given him away in January. Don’t you just love these caring souls.

Isthos is a very calm and gentle boy, a fine young man all round.

Saintes SPA Dept 17. France or please talk to Kate Potter, email

Flador, male, 8 yrs old – beware! Total cuddle monster

This dear, soppy, loving boy is Flador. He is 8 years old and has just been abandoned by his owner. I do not know why but I do know this … this lad is a cuddle monster.

He is good with cats and children, so has lived with a family. He has known love, is missing love and is full of love. Gentle as a summer breeze.

I love them all you know that, but Flador is one of the ones that takes the heart out of you, licks it and pops it back leaving you in love for ever. Saintes SPA Dept 17. or please talk to Kate Potter. Thank you xxx Please share this chunky bundle of black silk … xxx

Any enquiries to Kate Potter, email

Arthur, male, Boxer X, 7 yrs old – calm and gentle boy

Arthur is 7 years old and was abandoned by his owner. Not the worst thing in the world because he has not had the best of treatment and was stick thin, even so Arthur was very frightened by the refuge and became quite depressed.

He is slowly regaining some confidence and putting on a little weight. He is a brindle boxer cross and a soft quiet boy, easy on the lead but he is intimidated by the other dogs and the noise. Arthur has been moved to a bigger box with more room to move but it is down with the Category dogs so not all potential adopters go down there and he wont be seen as much as he should be.

It is down to us to get Arthur’s face seen, put the light back into those sad eyes. Yes he is fearful at first, but when he knows you he is calm and gentle and so needs someone to love him and make it all okay xx

Arthur is at Saintes SPA Dept 17 or please contact Kate Potter email:

Australian X Pyrenean shepherd, female, 2.5 years old

Female shepherd type dog called Tarmac. The name refers to her colours, grey with darker spots and some rusty colour and white markings, just like the merle colour in collies. She’s a cross between pyrenean shepherd (the small one, not the big white) and australian shepherd, might have border collie ancestry. A real collie type dog, much like a border collie, just a bit taller. 2,5 years old, female, 24 kg.

Vaccinated incl. rabies, wormed and chipped. European pet passport. Not spayed. Excellent health, no issues.

She spent most of her life on her own in a courtyard during her first year so she didn’t learn anything and wasn’t socialised much. She wasn’t allowed in the house even though she so wanted to be with her people. She was given to us when she was one year old. Since then she has undergone a lot of training, socialisation etc. and she is a quick learner and very biddable. She gets very excited with new things at first but with guidance she is able to calm down quickly. Gets on well with our cat and other dog, even though the dogs tend team up together and are less controllable than each on their own. As she is so biddable, she can learn to behave in any situation. I have taught her not to hunt and she got it. She wants to be a good girl more than anything. Her only flaw is that she is very excitable.

Meeting other dogs for the first time can be a bit tricky as she gets very excited, so this needs to be supervised, best not off-lead in the beginning. It takes a few minutes, and when the sniffing is done, she is friendly and playful. She is not aggressive, just didn’t have much input during her first year. She plays with other dogs and lives with a dog, no problem. It’s just the initial 5 minutes, especially when meeting a timid dog who might be scared from all this energy. She will learn and improve though, it’s a question of socialisation.

Same with the cat, she is friendly but very excitable, so the cat needs to be able to get out of the way and have safe space if it feels bothered. In our house, that’s the table. Dog is fine with cows, horses, chickens and ducks.

Has been to dog training school for basic training with other dogs. Recall, sit, lay down, stay are very good. Walking on the lead and heel is OK now. With other people and dogs around she is better on a lead because she still needs to learn not to say hello to every single dog out there.

She loves people, perfect with children, pure joy and friendliness, there are no signs of aggression. Loves going in the car, she’ll jump in when you open the door. She needs some exercise every day and would love to be with her people all the time. Loves walks, running next to a bike, playing fetch, having cuddles etc. She is clean and calm in the house, but this is not a dog to be left on her own all day. Needs a fenced-in garden.

Microchip nr.: 250269811339272. Location: Petit-Bersac (24600), Dordogne

I need to place her due to personal life changes.

Mobile +33 (0) 6 11 31 56 76
Tel. +33 (0) 5 53 90 97 39

Novak, Romanian shepherd, male, 8 years old – calm teddy bear

OK male and female dogs : not OK cats!
Date of Birth: 10-03-2010

Big teddy bear Novak has certainly got a story to tell. Firstly, he was stuck in a Romanian hellhole for many years. His “master” thought that he was an unlucky dog to have around his flock so he threatened to hang him!

The Mitzuka association saved him and he was handed over to Galia. Then, a year last September, at 6 years old, he arrived in France. He’d already had such a hard time which could have given him behaviour problems. But no, he’s such a sweet, friendly dog. Unfortunately, having just arrived at Galia, a tumor was discovered. The vet said he must have suffered enormously for a long time. During the very painful auscultation, he didn’t flinch (his eyes rolling upwards with the pain), the vets could not get over his courage and his kindness. What sort of life has this poor little lad had to be so tolerant of suffering?

Now, Novak has been operated on, cared for and is now in great form! He gets along very well with his companions. He is very calm and obedient. He’s also very easy to walk! He now needs and is more than deserving of a house and family full of love for him. He really is a special little dog and will make a wonderful companion. Novak is chipped, vaccinated and castrated.


Should you wish to make further enquiries or ask about adoption, please click on the link below. The form can be completed in French or English. For the English version, please click on the English flag within this link

Demande d’adoption

or contact Sue Hetherington on Facebook through Galia Association.

Elkie, 18 months, female, Breton X Beagle


My name is Elkie. It is not my first name, but I don’t know what it was before I arrived at the SPA in Mornac near Angouleme. I was only 10 months old, and pregnant with 5 puppies when I was dropped off by a caring person who had found me wandering the streets in Soyaux. I had not been microchipped or tattooed, so it seemed my first owner had abandoned me when I got pregnant.

A kind lady at the SPA took me under her wings at her foster home, helped me deliver my five babies and taught me how to be a mum. While nursing my own, another four puppies arrived without a mum at the SPA, and I took care of them also.

After the puppies had been weaned I would have to go back to the SPA, but fortunately I met my mum and dad at the foster home, and I moved in with them in August of last year. They have taken good care of me and we are happy together in their home. We love to play tug, and Kong, and run around in the garden. My favorite thing to do is to rip up cardboard boxes, or steal bits of kindling wood from the wood basket and turn it into matchsticks. Better than chewing shoes or furniture!

I am a mixed breed dog, they tell me. One of my parents was a Labrador, the other a beagle or maybe a Breton spaniel. I have a lot of hunting instincts in me. I need space, and freedom to follow my nose. I can run all day. My mum and dad live in a village, and take me out walking twice a day. But walking on a lead in the street is not enough to keep me exercised. They love to hike in the countryside, but have trouble keeping up with me. I have had lots of training to walk to heel on a lead, but I get so excited when I go out that I forget all the lessons. So it is better that I find younger parents who have the space to give me more freedom.

I will be 2 years old in June. I am in good health, have been spayed and received all my vaccinations. I have a bit of a crooked bone in my left hind leg, something that has been so from birth so I don’t even notice it. I am really friendly, and not in the least aggressive. My dad’s twin grandsons (two years old) came to visit over Christmas and we had a lovely time together.

My mum and dad are really sad and they will miss me terribly, but they know that they can’t meet my needs and want what is best for me.

Microchip no. #250269812192599.

For further details please contact
Mansle, dept. 16

Apollo, male, Lab X – 6 years old – super chap

Apollo : Super chap of 6 years, How can you not want to see this face everyday? A bundle of love and kisses

Three times he has been let down with false promises and is, at the moment in a temporary foster with many other dogs but he really needs his own family Association Galia has known him since he was 6 months old.

Apollo : Labrador cross
Born : 01-10-2010 Labrador-type

Black males often wait a long time before being adopted. Yes, black animals “are not liked much”. Apollo arrived at Galia Association at the age of 6 months, really not in a very good condition and in fact we were all scared for his life. But in the end he pulled through, he even found a family, with whom he has lived for 6 years. However, his family returned him because he nipped the young boy. He came back to the refuge in August.

Here is the list of the many qualities of Apollo: he is clean in house, he does no mischief during absences, he is very affectionate, kind, gentle and is close to the Humans, he knows the basic orders (sitting, lying), he has a good recall, he is OK females, OK male non dominant, OK cats (after a time of adaptation). As a precautionary measure, we will avoid young children in his next family. Give him his chance, okay, he is not perfect, but who is!

You can enquire or request and adoption on this link in English or French.

Demande d’adoption…/apollo-male-labrador-6-…/

Ginnie, female, 7 months old – amazing transformation

The incredible transformation of GINNIE.

Sometimes a kitten comes into Acorn Cat Rescue and we really worry because even though their siblings peacefully thrive, certain individuals never recover from whatever trauma has happened to them and our fear is that they remain unadoptable.

Ginnie came to us as a tiny kitten last summer and was terrified. If we tried to approach her her ears would flatten and she would hiss and try and hide. Although she got a little used to us, she’d make a run for it whenever our cat cuddlers or photographer came round. This wasn’t good news.

In stepped Carina; Carina is our newest Foster Carer who joined in December and took Ginnie under her wing. Well, we don’t know if it’s special powers or just a great deal of love and patience but Ginnie has made a massive u-turn.

We’re amazed to see these photos of her looking calm and happy.

Carina says that Ginnie is very quiet before she gets to know you and then becomes REALLY affectionate. She says she will be a lovely lap cat (who’d have thought it?!) as she loves cuddles. She’s great with other cats too and would possibly be ok with a quiet dog.

If you have a special place in your home and heart we’d love you to adopt Ginnie. Please contact Carina on 06 17 30 14 00 or on