Bubbles and Squeak, 2 male kitts – who doesn’t love a bit of bubbles and squeak?

BUBBLES & SQUEAK (2 male kittens born in May) – with Acorn Cat Rescue.

These two little darlings’ lives were in danger as they had been abandoned by their mother in a flooded building. Luckily someone came to their rescue.

They are sweet and friendly little boys who are well socialised with other cats and people.

Squeak has something different about him. At Acorn, nobody has flaws, only features, and Squeak’s is his short little tail! It seems he was born with only half of it, but he’s not bothered, so nor are we!

These two are to be adopted either together or separately.

They will be first vaccinated, chipped and de-parasited on adoption. Their adopter/s will be expected to continue their vaccinations and to have them sterilised when they are old enough.

They are in in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac.

Please contact Lynda on 05 53 81 30 44 or associationacorn@gmail.com

Fizz, female kitten – sweet and confident

Poor Fizz was found on a roadside next to her mum who had been run-over. Thank goodness someone stopped for her.

Gorgeous-looking Fizz is sweet and confident and is well socialised with other cats and with people.

Fizz is in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac and will be first vaccinated and microchipped. Her adopter will be expected to continue her vaccinations and to have her sterilised when she is old enough. Contact Lynda on 05 53 81 30 44 or associationacorn@gmail.com

Shadow and Sammie – 2 gorgeous little chocolate coloured kitts

Beautiful chocolate-coloured kittens with Acorn Cat Rescue.

Builders began working in a house one day and disturbed a feral mum cat and her three kittens. Sadly, the mum ran off, leaving these two behind with their sister, who has since been adopted.

If the people hadn’t cared and contacted Acorn, there’s no way they would have survived! So thank you to them as these are precious little moppets whose lives were definitely worth saving!

Sammie and Shadow are typical boys! A giggle a minute, they love to play all day and their favourite pastime is whooshing through the cat flap to the outdoor pen to chase each other around and then to whoosh back again!

We’d love to find them individual homes, or even better, to see them adopted together. We can dream.

They are in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac. They will be first vaccinated and microchipped on adoption. Their adopter/s will be expected to continue their vaccinations and to have them sterilised when they are old enough.

More photos on www.associationacorn.com or on Facebook: Acorn Cat Rescue.

Bandit, male kitten – what a cool dude!


Bandit was saved from a life of feral hardship and is being well looked after at Acorn Cat Rescue.

Bandit is a bit of a dude really. He’s handsome and he knows it! He is calm and friendly and is well socialised with other cats and with people.

Bandit is first vaccinated and microchipped. His adopters will be expected to continue his vaccinations and to have him sterilised when he is old enough.

Bandit is in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac. Please contact Lynda on associationacorn@gmail.com or 05 53 81 30 44.

Iggy, male, Braque, 5 years old – loves a good, comfy sofa

Our beautiful Iggy was adopted by a wonderful lady 3 years ago, sadly now she is in hospital with serious health problems and Iggy has returned to the refuge for adoption, so sad, for Iggy and his Mum

Iggy mâle Braque 5 ans

Iggy was born 22/3/2013, he is castrated and up to date on all vaccines and flea/worm treatment, he is house trained and loves the sofa, he is so distressed in the refuge, he has no idea what he has done to be put back in a cage.

Iggy needs a lot of exercise and he okish on a lead, he pulls so he has been walked in a harness and that does the trick. Because of his past life, he was mistreated as a puppy! he does not support being on his own for more very long so he needs a lot of presence, a securely fenced garden, lots of patience and lots of love.

He needs to find, at the least, a Foster family but obviously adoption would be better.

This is the link to enquire for adoption or ask for information, it does not commit you to anything, it can be completed in English, just click on the UK flag. Thank you

Demande d’adoption

Jemima, female cat

JEMIMA (with Acorn Cat Rescue, Dordogne)

Our update on Acorn’s longest stayer, Jemima!

As many of you know, Jemima has been with Acorn Cat Rescue since January 2017. Her history was unknown as they picked her up from a vet where she had been abandoned.

At first, it took her ages to settle in. She was spiteful to people and to most of the other cats. We were very worried that her chances of adoption were bleak.

She is now happily living as part of the family at Acorn HQ where she has been gently and carefully rehabilitated by Lynda and Trevor. They love this girl and are thrilled that she has learnt to believe in them and their intentions.

Jemima now gets along with other cats and will sit on on your lap (strictly on her terms) and she loves attention! We really do want Jemima to have her own special someone though as here, she will always be part of a large pack so we will keep looking for the right home for her.

It will probably take a while for Jemima to trust other people, so any new or stressful situation may see Jemima regress a little but her future is bright, we are sure.

Jemima needs an experienced owner with no children; someone who is patient and understanding of her bad past and happy to just let her be, well, Jemima!

Jemima is chipped, vaccinated and neutered. She is based in 24400 Eglise Neuve D’Issac. Contact Lynda on associationacorn@gmail.com or 05 53 81 30 44.

Novak, Romanian shepherd, male, 8 years old – calm teddy bear

OK male and female dogs : not OK cats!
Date of Birth: 10-03-2010

Big teddy bear Novak has certainly got a story to tell. Firstly, he was stuck in a Romanian hellhole for many years. His “master” thought that he was an unlucky dog to have around his flock so he threatened to hang him!

The Mitzuka association saved him and he was handed over to Galia. Then, a year last September, at 6 years old, he arrived in France. He’d already had such a hard time which could have given him behaviour problems. But no, he’s such a sweet, friendly dog. Unfortunately, having just arrived at Galia, a tumor was discovered. The vet said he must have suffered enormously for a long time. During the very painful auscultation, he didn’t flinch (his eyes rolling upwards with the pain), the vets could not get over his courage and his kindness. What sort of life has this poor little lad had to be so tolerant of suffering?

Now, Novak has been operated on, cared for and is now in great form! He gets along very well with his companions. He is very calm and obedient. He’s also very easy to walk! He now needs and is more than deserving of a house and family full of love for him. He really is a special little dog and will make a wonderful companion. Novak is chipped, vaccinated and castrated.


Should you wish to make further enquiries or ask about adoption, please click on the link below. The form can be completed in French or English. For the English version, please click on the English flag within this link

Demande d’adoption

or contact Sue Hetherington on Facebook through Galia Association.

Apollo, male, Lab X – 6 years old – super chap

Apollo : Super chap of 6 years, How can you not want to see this face everyday? A bundle of love and kisses

Three times he has been let down with false promises and is, at the moment in a temporary foster with many other dogs but he really needs his own family Association Galia has known him since he was 6 months old.

Apollo : Labrador cross
Born : 01-10-2010 Labrador-type

Black males often wait a long time before being adopted. Yes, black animals “are not liked much”. Apollo arrived at Galia Association at the age of 6 months, really not in a very good condition and in fact we were all scared for his life. But in the end he pulled through, he even found a family, with whom he has lived for 6 years. However, his family returned him because he nipped the young boy. He came back to the refuge in August.

Here is the list of the many qualities of Apollo: he is clean in house, he does no mischief during absences, he is very affectionate, kind, gentle and is close to the Humans, he knows the basic orders (sitting, lying), he has a good recall, he is OK females, OK male non dominant, OK cats (after a time of adaptation). As a precautionary measure, we will avoid young children in his next family. Give him his chance, okay, he is not perfect, but who is!

You can enquire or request and adoption on this link in English or French.

Demande d’adoption


Ginnie, female, 7 months old – amazing transformation

The incredible transformation of GINNIE.

Sometimes a kitten comes into Acorn Cat Rescue and we really worry because even though their siblings peacefully thrive, certain individuals never recover from whatever trauma has happened to them and our fear is that they remain unadoptable.

Ginnie came to us as a tiny kitten last summer and was terrified. If we tried to approach her her ears would flatten and she would hiss and try and hide. Although she got a little used to us, she’d make a run for it whenever our cat cuddlers or photographer came round. This wasn’t good news.

In stepped Carina; Carina is our newest Foster Carer who joined in December and took Ginnie under her wing. Well, we don’t know if it’s special powers or just a great deal of love and patience but Ginnie has made a massive u-turn.

We’re amazed to see these photos of her looking calm and happy.

Carina says that Ginnie is very quiet before she gets to know you and then becomes REALLY affectionate. She says she will be a lovely lap cat (who’d have thought it?!) as she loves cuddles. She’s great with other cats too and would possibly be ok with a quiet dog.

If you have a special place in your home and heart we’d love you to adopt Ginnie. Please contact Carina on 06 17 30 14 00 or on carina.penny@orange.fr

Monzon, male, 5 yr old, Retriever/Dalmatian/dogue – it started with a kiss

MONZON is a stunning 5yr old mix of Retriever/Dalmatian/Dogue who was abandoned following a family breakup. He has been with us for a while in kennels and is a firm favourite with our volunteer walkers as he’s so easy to walk and is a big softie and he’s well up for kissy face.

MONZON spent a short period of time with a foster family, during which time he behaved impeccably. He was fantastic with the children, obedient, affectionate, calm, good in the house and in the car. His one fault seems to be that he’s over excitable around other animals. His ideal home will be with owners used to big dogs, a large garden with high, secure fencing away from the temptation of other animals. He is OK when he meets other dogs on walks, but needs to be an only pet for the reasons mentioned above.

MONZON has been neutered, micro-chipped, fully vaccinated including rabies so he has a full passport, and has been treated for worms, fleas and ticks. An adoption fee of €150 will be asked for to help towards his medical costs. If you would like more information on MONZON, then please contact us on 09 77 48 71 43 or at OrfeeInEnglish3@gmail.com.